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Call for participation, cast and crew: Almost Famous One Script Challenge


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Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 12:32 AM
Subject: Almost Famous One Script Challenge


Nine Buddhas Pictures will be competing in the Almost Famous One Script Challenge that will take place on October 4, 2013 through October 6, 2013.


On Friday, October 4 at 7 PM Almost Famous will provide around fifty teams with the beginning and the end of a script.  On Friday night we brainstorm about film ideas and come up with a story line to take us from their beginning to their end.  Once we have a script, we cast and shoot on Saturday, edit on Sunday and submit the finished product by Sunday October 6 at 7 PM.


If you are interested available  the week end of October 4 to 6 to act or work on the production team -- let me know.  Sending me an e-mail now -- means that you want to be on the e-mail list keeping you updated as we move forward.  We will work out more specific commitments are we get closer to October 4. 


After we have a make a final selection of script concept on Friday October 4, we will cast from actors who meet with us on Friday evening on October 4.  If you happen to live in Phoenix -- you can call into the Friday night meeting (we wouldn't make you drive down to Tucson unless we cast you in a specific role).


All of the shooting will take place in or around Tucson.


We have won Best Cinematography, Best Actress, and Best Acting Ensemble in previous versions of this Challenge and are committed to submitting an exceptionally high quality film this October.


If you want to work on the production team -- send me an e-mail and let me know what you want to do (write, operate a camera, set lights, hold a boom pole, do make up, decorate the set, be a graphic artist, edit . . . ).  If you want to act -- send a headshot and resume.  (Send them even if I know you -- other members of the casting team might not have worked with you before.  If you don't have a headshot and resume -- let us know if you are a 72 year old man or a 22 year old woman and whatever else you think we should know.)


We are having a completely optional meeting to discuss possible script ideas on Wednesday September 11 at 7 PM at the El Con Mall Starbucks.  We are completely open to ideas, but right now I'm flirting with what I call a layered double helix concept with the layers being bad things happening (getting fired, dog dies, girlfriend leaves) and the double helix being getting caught (stealing from work, cheating on your girlfriend, lying to your mother).  I want to do a script in which the protagonist fears getting caught, rather than fears getting shot. 


Let me know if you want to be part of the team.



Chris Raboin

Nine Buddhas Pictures



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