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Casting Call for UofA BFA film titled Daydream


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Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 8:34 PM
Subject: Casting Call for UofA BFA Film


A casting call is being held for the University of Arizona BFA film titled Daydream.


We are looking to cast two female children, appearing to be 7-10 years old, and males/females, appearing to be college-aged.


The casting call will be on Thursday, September 19th at the University of Arizona campus in the Richard A. Harvill Building, Room 108, (1103 E 2 St Tucson, AZ 85721) from 12:00pm to 5:00pm.


Logline: Determined to experience college to the fullest, Roya attends her crush’s frat party in an attempt to overcome her intimacy issues. Repressed memories bring forth the fears of her past, but also grant her a new outlook on her future.






* These scenes involve intense moments, foul language, and physical (not sexual) abuse. Parents are to be cautioned on this before having their kids audition. These scenes are hard emotional bits, that can offer a lot to a resume, and give your children an opportunity to show deeper acting abilities.


Young Roya - (appears 7-10) She is infatuated with fairytales and thinks of herself as a princess. She stands up to her abuser (L), but suffers much in the process.

Shelly - (appears 7-10) Roya’s best friend of the time, she is bratty, but ultimately afraid of the situation.


Female Roles:


Roya - (college-aged) Our protagonist, the college student who does her work while avoids the party scene. Tonight is a night she seeks change. Full of nervous energy she holds in a secret, but finds the bravery to do things she wouldn’t normally do.


Jackie - (college-aged) Roya’s supportive best friend, Jackie is the one pushing Roya to enjoy herself. She is a loyal, considerate, and goes out of her way to care for others.

Ashton - (high-schooler) Shelly's older sister, the bleach blonde bossy one. She seems to be on L's side, and ultimately waits and watches as bad things happen.

Male Roles:

Adrian - (college-aged) The frat guy who invited Roya to the party. He may not be the brightest match in the box, but he is friendly and has an interest in Roya.


L - (high-schooler) His name is unknown, as is his face. He often wears a creepy smile, and takes out his anger on the innocent. A faceless abuser with a wicked smile. The villain to Young Roya. 



Various college-aged actors to portray frat guys.


Various college-aged actresses to portray costumed girls at a frat party.


Headshots and resumes are preferred, but not required.


Please email if you have any questions:


Roxy (Director) or

Magin (Casting Director)



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