Thursday, September 26, 2013

IFASA meetings at Gangplank, 17 East Pennington, in downtown Tucson


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Congratulations to Alex Italics who won the 2013 IFASA Award for Best Director.  Much deserved.


The October 15 IFASA Meeting will be focused on Sound for Film.  We will have a panel discussion on location sound, music composition for film, sound engineering, the relationship between filmmakers and local musicians, sound effects, and sound dubbing. We will listen to original works by local composers and musicians.  If you want to be listed in the Sound for Film Directory or if you are interested in being on the Sound for Film Panel or if you want to play an original composition, send your name and e-mail address to


Additionally at the October Meeting we will be handing out free, hard copies of the 2013 IFASA Directory, which lists actors and production team members and other resources for Southern Arizona filmmakers.  It is the most current directory of Southern Arizona filmmakers -- and it is free.


The November 19 IFASA Meeting will be focused on Cinematography.  Rather than have a panel discussion, we will have a series of demonstrations of different cameras, various lights, and different skills such as lighting and shooting for green screen.  We will also announce the 2013 IFASA Award for Best Cinematographer.  If you would like to nominate someone for the Best Cinematography Award or if you want to demonstrate a piece of technology or a procedure, send your name and e-mail address (and the nominee's name or e-mail address) to


At the  December 17 IFASA Meeting we will have our annual Year End Party, and we will announce 2013 IFASA Awards for Best Picture with awards for Best Drama, Best Western, Best Comedy, Best Horror, Best Documentary and Best Student Film.  We will also be voting for new officers and a new board of directors.  If you want to nominate a film, send the name of the film, the name of the film's director, a contact e-mail address and a link to the film to  If you want to run for a board or officer position, send an e-mail to IFASA's Secretary, Anne Dalton, at


All of these meetings (and the Year End Party, start at 7 PM and will take place at Gangplank, 17 East Pennington, in downtown Tucson (Stone and Pennington).


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