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Casting Call, UA Senior Thesis Film - "Spatial Recognition"


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Spatial Recognition

A comedy about our solar system

Writer/Director Andrew Katsinas

Producer Sam Taylor


Casting Call


Saturday, September 28th (9:00am - 5:00) Dixon Directing Studio, (Drama 116) 1025 N Olive Rd Tucson, AZ 85721


Taking place approaching the year 5 billion, the planets begin to align one final time around the dying Sun. At the brink of the solar apocalypse, the interstellar reunion provides for the clash of eccentric planets with large personalities, but also forces Earth to make a choice. At the end of the worlds, will Earth stand alone or will he find his place in space?

Contact Information

Andrew Katsinas (Director, Producer, Writer)


Cell:                             (520)-591-8082


Character Breakdown:

·                EARTH - 20s-30s; feels neglected, emotionally-spent and unloved by his inhabitants and alone in his orbit. He has always been in love with Venus, but has never been able to approach her confidently with his feelings. The planet that was once full of life seems to have given up on himself. He sees Mercury as his rival and Mars as his close friend and confidant. LEAD.

·                VENUS  - 20s; the pixie-manic dream girl of Earth. She is striking and attractive in both her looks and her free-spirited, independent personality. Being the only girl in the solar system, she receives a lot of unwanted attention, but is certainly capable of taking care of herself. She is more than aware of Earth's infatuation for her, but waits for him to make a move. Unlike Earth, she is cool, collected and confident. STRONG SUPPORTING

·                MARS - 20s; sassy and jealous of the attention Venus receives from Earth. He is Earth's best friend in the solar system, yet he wishes their relationship was more than just platonic. Instead he is just Earth's Friend (with a capital F). He could not be anymore in the "friend-zone". As much as it tortures him to do so, he is always encouraging Earth and cheering him on. STRONG SUPPORTING

·                MERCURY - early 20s; energetic, focused and aggressive. Being so close to the Sun, Mercury often feels as though the rest of the planets truly revolve around him. He is in peak physical condition, which is essentially all he has going for him. He is constantly showing off for Venus, unaware of her disgust for him. SUPPORTING (CASTED)

·                NEPTUNE - 40-50+; short-tempered, zealous and disillusioned. Spends most of his orbit alone in the far outer rim of the solar system professing the inevitable doom and gloom of the Sun. He has a soft spot for the vulnerable Uranus, but expects the rest of the planets to burn in Hell. MINOR SUPPORTING

·                JUPITER - 20s-50s; quiet, awkward, observant and reserved. The red giant of the planets never says a word, but gets off in watching the drama that ensues around him. He is a binge eater when engrossed in spectating on the four closest to the Sun. He does not like attention drawn to him and finds Saturn extremely irritating. MINOR SUPPORTING

·                URANUS - 20s-40s; disfigured and seemingly deranged, the only word Uranus can speak is his own name. (Like a Pokemon or Hodor from Game of Thrones) He behaves like a pet of Neptune's and is very sensitive and impressionable. MINOR SUPPORTING

·                SATURN - 20s; Saturn tries too hard to fit in. He is always trying to be heard, but unfortunately is always cut off mid-sentence due his rotation. He remains completely unaware that no one can hear him when he rotates around his axis. MINOR SUPPORTING

·                PLUTO - open; small in stature. No longer classified as a planet. Drifting in the outer regions of space and somehow survives the solar apocalypse. CAMEO

Headshots and resumes are accepted.



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