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AZ Film Office Bill Update - New SB1098 will be heard Wednesday


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New SB1098 will be heard Wednesday

Friends of Film in Arizona,

After the successful "Lunch on the Set" rally at the Capitol last week, Senator Carlyle Begay introduced new legislation, SB1098, that would re-establish the Governor’s Office for Film and Media. SB1098 has been assigned to three committees. The first hearing will be in the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, January 29th, at 9 AM. Senator Al Melvin, a longtime film in Arizona supporter, is the Chair.

You can show your support by:

  • Attending the hearing
  • Signing up to testify at the hearing
  • Contacting your legislators to ask or thank them for their support. Click here and then click "Show Sponsors" to see who has already signed on in support.

Why do we need a Governor’s Office of Film and Media to attract and facilitate film, television and commercial production?

Here are 10 Reasons:

  1. Tells a 175 billion dollar Industry that Arizona is "Open for Business"  []
  2. Brings more high wage jobs for an existing workforce
  3. Spreads Economic Impact in urban and rural communities across the state
  4. Brings new Tax Revenues
  5. Small, local businesses benefit
  6. Tourism increases
  7. Offers training and networking opportunities for Media students at state schools
  8. Film + TV production business is both clean and recession proof
  9. The Industry is our neighbor and wants to be here
  10. Helps to revive Arizona’s film legacy

Help us be successful in re-establishing our state’s film office this year. 

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