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Casting Call, Music Video "Hold Your Breath"


Music Video Needs Actress for Theatrical Scenes (Tucson)

Actress needed for Theatrical Scenes in Music Video:
Local Artist Daemon Lover is currently filming a series of Music Videos for album release

Age Range 25-35 No Nudity, Kissing Scenes and sexually risky shots are a part of this video
This is a non SAG or non union shoot
Please include head shots and any video clips you may have posted online. 

Leading Male Sought for Theatrical Scenes in Music Video (Tucson)

Leading Male Sought for Theatrical Scenes in Music Video:
Age Range 25-35
This is a non SAG non union shoot
Actor should be between 140 to 180 lbs 5'7" to 6' thin to average build
Please respond with head shots and any video clips you may have posted online

Video Concept and Treatment for "Hold Your Breath"

by Daemon Lover

Video Concept: "Hold Your Breath" Is a love story about two people who fall for each other after a wild party where a strip poker game leaves the leading male broke and robeless, looking for a ride home... The leading lady calm confident and attractive, hand after hand puts the leading male under the table in a high states game of seduction vs humiliation. At the end of the night the leading lady superior in the skills of cards and seduction, falls for the innocent nature of her counterpart and she invites him home for a night of recklessness and passionate abandon. 

Video Treatment: This story line will indulge in the metaphors around romance, risk, sex and card games. Poker has always been a metaphor for life, this story will play on the how romance and what we hold close to our heart has a tension tied to it and eventually, everybody shows their cards and reveals what they truly want and what they are holding. The storyboard unfolds in a smoke filled room with a group of friends drinking and smoking cigarettes, acting up and getting loud like crazy friends do on occasion. The group are close nit and when boys and girls get together and when opposite attract, people play games. In this instant it's a friendly game of strip poker, that dose not go too far of course. But given the right situation, men and women are always looking to tease, flirt, and seduce one another because there is nothing more exciting for some than the danger of falling in love. In comes our leading male, he is shy, lonely, but happy to be around his friends, many of whom are cantankerous, edgy, and foolhardy. As the party gets going a game of strip poker breaks out and our leading male finds himself sitting across the table from our leading lady. She is calm, centered, and attractive, a real vixen, but lonely in her own right and looking for someone to sweep her off her feet. 

Somewhere in the night our leading male becomes bold enough to stay in the game despite the revealing loosing trend and predicament he is finding himself in. He is captivated and mesmerized by his challenger across the table, and wants to make her pay for her arrogant and prideful nature at the card table, not to mention the pure fascination at the possibility of seeing her even partially unclothed. As the night goes on several participants, both men and women, eventually loose their shirt sort of speak and have to bow out, and our leading man is no exception. By the end of the night and game, he has lost everything except a pair of boxer shorts and his stubborn nature to see things through to the bitter end. 

Our leading lady, no worse for wear, remaining for the most part clothed minus a sweater, scarf, and pair of socks, gathers her things to head home. Feeling sorry and humorously drawn to our humiliated leading male, the night of loneliness, hard drinking and sexual tension finally takes its toll. She goes in for the kill and rescues our dashing hero form a decent into alienation self-abandon. Taking him home they continue the party by themselves, falling into a passionate and playful relationship. 

·         Location: Tucson

·         do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

·         Compensation: Negotiable



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