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Crew Call, Stage Manager for AFCM Tucson Winter Chamber Music Festival


From: Joseph T Tolliver []
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2014 7:41 PM
Subject: AFCM stage manager search


The Arizona Friends of Chamber Music is Seeking a Stage Manager

The Arizona Friends of Chamber Music (AFCM) is seeking a stage manager for its Tucson Winter Chamber Music Festival during the period March 15 to March 23 of 2014. The festival will run in the Leo Rich Theater of the Tucson Convention Center complex (TCC), so familiarity with that physical plant and ability to work with the TCC staff are preferred. A summary of duties below. Applicants should contact: Joseph Tolliver at (520) 250-6599 or





The primary duty of the Stage Manager is to assist the Artistic Director (Peter Rejto) and the President of the Arizona Friends of Chamber Music (Jean-Paul-Bierny) in making the festival run smoothly. Smooth coordination with the TCC is important.The list shown below is not all-inclusive – rather a range of possible duties. Clearly there will be unforeseen circumstances that will arise that may require help from the Stage Manager. Since the Artistic Director is also performing in the festival and may be unavailable to take care of every emergency, initiative toward problem solving is highly desirable.

1.      Opening and locking up of Leo Rich Theater. The theater should be opened 45 minutes prior to every scheduled rehearsal and stage lights turned on in order to allow musicians to come in and warm up before official rehearsal time, and to address unforeseen problems. Stage Manager will try to cultivate a good working relationship with Leo Rich crew. The hall must be locked during lunch hour, and at conclusion of rehearsals. There may be times when the musicians will desire access to Leo Rich for personal practice times. Musicians will be instructed to make those arrangements directly with stage manager.

2.      Musicians may require assistance in setting up stage for rehearsals, ie., moving stands, chairs, and piano. In addition the recording engineer (Matt Snyder) may ask for help in setting the stage for recording.

3.      On dress rehearsal mornings the front of the hall should be unlocked to allow public access.

4.      During rehearsals, manager should generally be available to intercept telephone messages backstage. And to assist musicians if something unforeseen happens. Stage Manager should use one of the TCC cell phones, carry it (turned on) at all times, in order to be reached easily.

5.      Assist in setting up for the Dinner Gala Concert at the Arizona Inn.

6.      Assist with stage changes between performances during concerts. Effort should be made to assure that changes are made as quickly and efficiently as possible. Dress should be appropriate for a concert.


It is reasonable to expect that the Stage Manager’s duties will range from being very busy (at beginnings of rehearsals and during concerts) to extreme boredom (during rehearsals!). The quiet times will allow for reading/study, etc., Hours will tend to be long however.



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