Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Call to Creative Collaborators, A Book Club Burlesque


Call to Creative Collaborators, performers and artists, all mediums (downtownish)


dancers, circus, variety and specialty acts, burlesque performers, musicians, film makers and projectionist, puppeteers, historic or scientific displays, dioramas, interactive art, troupes, piano players, drag queens, installation artists, actors, ambient performers, volunteers, freaks, the bizarre strange experimental and subversive

The Project:

A BookClub Burlesque inspired by Melville's 1851 classic MOBY DICK or THE WHALE. The novel is wrought with themes of obsession, religion, homosexual undertones, environmentalism, big dick and more!

Book Club Burlesques are variety shows inspired by works of literature set in immersive installation environments. Collaborators are encouraged to read the book or at least watch the 1956 classic film adaptation of Moby Dick (or at least watch a documentary on sperm whales.) How you interoperate the work of literature is up to you. This is a great opportunity for artists to create or cast new creativity on an old piece to bring it into the theme.

Looking For
***Wide range of acts (3-10 minutes) making literary references to the book or connected to its themes. All kinds of mediums and content welcome for this variety format show
***Installation and visual art to transform the space, all scales and mediums
***Ambient characters and performance before the variety show and during intermission
***Materials (Rope, netting, wood pallets, canvass and anything else boat like)
***Projection art

Friday March 14 or Saturday March 15 in conjunction with the Tucson Book Fair
One night only, for the love of it, the goal is to have sexy literary fun! 
If folks like we could present at both 8pm and 11pm, or just once. Sliding scale entrance $20-$5, audience will be encouraged to dress to the theme. DJ and or live bands to surround the variety show.

If there is profit after expenses it will be split between collaborators and the next Bookclub. Sadly, we are unable to guarantee compensation but seriously hope to get you at least a symbolic 20 bill for your amazing efforts.

Want to Participate?
The show depends on you, Email or call us with your ideas! We will move forward with booking a venue with enough interest from the creative community.


This show is a continuation of the Book Club Burlesque Series that originated in NYC in 2007. Past books include Lolita, Valley of the Dolls, The Scarlet Letter, Archie Comic Books, The Collected Tales of the Brothers Grimm, Less than Zero, and Siddhartha, The Great Gatsby (Tucson 2008) and Stranger in a Strange Land.

·         Location: downtownish

·         do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers



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