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FW: September IFASA Meeting - Audio 101 by Dave Labrecque


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Subject: September IFASA Meeting - Audio 101 by Dave Labrecque

Please join us this Monday, 11 September, at 6:00 PM at Access Tucson (124 E. Broadway) for the monthly meeting of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona.  Everyone is welcome.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brian Mulligan at 349-8249.
Our featured guest will be Dave Labrecque of Labrecque Creative Sound.  His presentation will be Audio 101.  Presentation content may include:
Location Sound
    Communication on the set (letting the sound guy/gal in on what's happening)
    Logistics (making room for the sound guy/gal)
    Ambient (background) noise and "room tone"
    Straight-to-camera or to tape or other media (and picture sync)?
    Mic types and mic placement for different situations
    Monitoring and playback options
Audio Post Production
    Getting sound and picture to the audio post people (logistics: formats and details)
    Elements of the mix:
        Production sound (location-recorded tracks)
        Sweetening (sound effects, Foley, ADR/looping)
        Music (library- or custom-scoring)
    Picture and Sound editing
        -- thinking ahead, working together
        -- visualizing the other half
        -- finding the rhythm
        -- getting the big picture
Dave is originally from New England and spent most of his formative years in the midwest, landing in the Chicago area after receiving a B.S. in Communication from Renssealaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, in 1983. Taking a keen interest in radio broadcasting, he spent ten years in various on-air, programming and production capacities in and around Chicago, ending his radio days as a wacky morning show host in the north Chicago suburbs.
Dave moved to Tucson in 1993 to start his own production business, originally focusing on radio commercial creative and production, and over the next several years, expanding his services to include practically all facets of audio recording: radio and audio for TV spots, location sound for video and film, audio post-production for video and film, audio for computer-based training, CD-ROM and World Wide Web presentation, advertising jingle creation and general music recording, editing, mixing and mastering.
A guitar player, he also writes, records and performs his own music -- when he can find the time. He currently enjoys a mid-town studio location near Tucson and Broadway, a wife, Rebecca, and two cats (not necessarily in that order). 

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