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Tucson: Auditions for Tunnel - TONIGHT (Wed)


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Subject: Auditions for Tunnel - TONIGHT (Wed)

Below is an opportunity for actors to participate in a unique live performance at the UA. There are a variety of roles, both genders, mostly college age. Brian

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for your e-mail.

Below is the info we have available at this point for Tunnel. We will provide excerpts from the Tunnel for people to audition with tonight. We will then send them scripts once they have been cast. The open spots are described below.

Thanks and hope to see you tonight!


Text Box: Tunnel of Oppression Auditions


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


El Portal Conference Center (first floor)

501 N. Highland Avenue


This year_s Tunnel of Oppression planning committee is trying something new _ AUDITION WORKSHOPS. In order to maintain consistency and high-quality, we are looking for actors who are available to perform their role for the entire run of this year_s Tunnel (October 24-26, 2006 from 6pm-10pm). If you are unable to commit to the entire run but are still interested in acting, you are encouraged to audition. We are looking to double or triple cast each scene (swings/understudies) in order to ensure all actors have physical as well as mental breaks during the three night run. Preference will be given to those able to perform all three nights; however, we will still consider other actors.

At the workshop, you will be provided with brief scripts (sides) and the scene director will work with you and other actors to block & read through the scene. Casting decisions will be based on your interest, your skill and the scene/director_s needs.

ALL interested actors/actresses are invited to audition. The primary audience who usually attends the Tunnel of Oppression consists primarily of traditionally college-aged students. As a result, most scenes require actors who appear to be similar in age or could be student peers. Some roles allow for flexibility of casting (either gender, etc.) but others require specific _types_: men and students of color are especially encouraged to consider auditioning.

Below is a list of scene topics & actors required:


1 actor (gender non-specific) _ will facilitate a privilege walk activity

Socio-Economic Class

1 actor (gender non-specific) _ will portray a homeless person/panhandler

Border Issues

2 actors (gender non-specific) _ will portray border patrol agents protecting the border from illegal entry


2 actors (gender non-specific) _ will portray people who don_t understand why a person would _choose_ to be gay

Relationship Violence

3 actors (female) _ will recite true monologues about surviving domestic abuse

1 actor (male) _ will recite true monologues about surviving domestic abuse

Body Image

2-7 actors (male) _ 1 actor will portray a student trying to gain muscle weight while the others will _rank_ people_s appearance as they enter the room

1 actor (female) _ will portray a student self-conscious about her weight and how her clothes fit


2 actors (male) _ will portray _Nazi_ guards

1 actor (gender non-specific) _ will speak about genocide

Race & Racial Discrimination

5 actors (gender non-specific, representing different racial groups) _ each actor will recite a monologue about issues that arise due to their actual or perceived racial identity. Specifically, actors are needed who can REPRESENT the following communities: Asian/Pacific Islander, African/Black American, Native American/American Indian, Chicano/Hispano, and Multiracial.

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