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Tucson: Looking for experienced Spanish-speaking actors & extras (La Venganza)

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Subject: [IFASA] Looking for experienced Spanish-speaking actors & extras
(La Venganza)

Hello NALIP members & Friends,

I'm currently in pre-production of La Venganza, a Spanish language
feature film scheduled for production in Tucson & Southern Arizona
during October/November 2006.

I would like your help in finding several experienced Spanish-speaking
actors for the following characters:

El Chofer (Driver) - Male (18-55 Yrs old) He is a cunning man. Besides
being the driver and personal bodyguard to a powerful woman, the
driver provides important information for Ramon, a ruthless criminal.

Abogado (Family Attorney) - Male (27-55 Yrs. old) - Full of ambition,
the attorney works against the family he is hired to protect.

Lisa (DEA Agent) - Female (26-36 Yrs. old) Intelligent, tough and
independent DEA agent, Lisa feels she has something to prove in a
department full of testosterone. Her methods are usually more
effective than her partners would like to admit.

Mark (DEA Agent) - Male (25-35 Yrs. old) Full of machismo attitude and
contradictions, Mark clearly sees himself as a good guy out destined
to eliminate the criminal element.

Undocumented Woman - (16-45 Yrs. old) She has been locked away and
abandoned by her coyote with a child suffering from extreme dehydration.

Undocumented Man - (18-65 Yrs. old) He is the unofficial spokesperson
of a group of people that have been locked away and abandoned by
their coyote.

Sales Clerk - (18-28 Yrs. old) She is a prissy woman with an attitude.
She is the ultimate class and fashion snub.

Samba Dancer - (16-36 Yrs. old) She is an experienced samba dancer and
her thrilling and sexy performance is showcased in an important scene
of the film.

I hope you can help me find experienced Spanish-speaking actors and
extras. Address queries, headshots and risumis can be sent to:

Your support is highly appreciated.



Benjamin Lopez

Producer / Director

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