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Tucson: Upcoming Courses at The Studio for Actors


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Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 12:28 PM
Subject: Announcement: Upcoming Courses at The Studio for Actors

Here are some of the upcoming courses offered at The Studio for Actors in Tucson:

Scene Study

Tuesday evenings, 6:15-8:30pm
September 19th through November 6th
8 weeks, $45/week
Showcase in early November

Accent Reduction

Friday evenings, 6:15-8:30pm
September 29th through October 10th
4 weeks, $45/week

On-Camera Film Acting

Friday evenings, 6:15-8:30pm
October 27th through December 8th (no class on 11/24)
6 weeks, $50/week
Prerequisite: Audition Technique I

Audition Technique I

Monday evenings, 6:15-8:30pm
Ongoing (call 881-2363 for details and to sign up)
6 weeks, $45/week

Advanced Audition Technique

Monday evenings, 6:15-8:30pm
Ongoing (call 881-2363 for details and to sign up)
Prerequisite: Audition Technique I


Private study, by appointment (call 881-2363 for details)
$60 per 1.5 hour session

All courses at The Studio are taught by Anna Risley, who has had many speaking roles in SAG Feature Films along with Movies made for Network Television and Miniseries.  (Most of her films were cast and shot in NYC, some in LA, and a few in Phoenix and Tucson.)  Because of her acting experience, she knows exactly what casting directors want at an audition, and what directors hope for from a performance.  Ms. Risley has owned and run The Studio for Actors since 1986.

The evening classes listed above are multi-week courses.  However, if your schedule prevents you from attending all of the consecutive sessions, in most cases you may make up an absence by booking a private session outside of class for $60 for an hour-and-a-half session.

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