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Tucson: Auditions for READING SERIES


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Subject: Auditions for READING SERIES

          Auditions for a New Monthly Public Theater Reading Series

Coyote Ramblers Performing Artists are auditioning actors, directors, technicians and musicians for their up-coming main-stage production and their new reading series.

Coyote Ramblers Performing Artists is a multiple award-winning theater company now relocated permanently in Tucson after 10 years producing in Los Angeles and touring the U.S. and Europe.  We are looking for passionate, talented and hard-working people to join in making award-quality, innovative theater here in Tucson.

Coyote Ramblers will produce three full shows for the 2006-2007 season and have a monthly reading series of innovative theater plays or forgotten classics.  Productions and readings will be at the Tucson’s community-based multiple-art center, Artfare-The Muse, 55 N. 6th Avenue (across from the Rondstadt Bus Center).

We prefer people highly experienced in their theater crafts, and passionate to continue growing in that craft.  We are also open to those new to theater, of all ages, colors, and sexual orientations for apprentice capacity. We ask that all involved have a sense of humor, play well with others, that you're not a complainer and that you get the things done you say you're going to do.  Coyote Ramblers will pay stipends when possible .

Auditions immediately - for the Reading Series: BASH by Neil LaBute

Play Breakdown:
Three personal accounts examining today’s young professionals and their take on personal values and this world.

Young Man in hotel room - early 30's, handsome, dresses well, a corporate man.

Also, John - early to mid 20's, a recent college grad with a mean streak under a pleasant veneer.
Sue - early to mid 20's, a recent college grad who still cannot quite see the world she’s living in.

And last, Woman - early to mid 20's, nervous about dark moments in her past.

Auditions  Sunday Sept 17th, from 1-5 pm at Artfare, 55 N. 6th Avenue.
Audition appointment necessary for all actors - Call - 682 - 3224
Directors, tech, and musicians, call to be interviewed between 2 and 4 pm daily.
Arrive 15 minutes before to prepare to audition from sides of the show.
Bring - head shot and resume if not already on file.
Public Reading date will be October 1, 2006, from 2-4 pm, one hour call before.
Rehearsals - two or three during the evenings prior to this public reading.

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