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Tucson: African Presence in Mexico Series


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Subject: African Presence in Mexico Series


South Park Arts and Culture Center

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“The African Legacies of Mexican Births”

In Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month


Over the past few years, the interest in this topic has been growing to the point that we are seeing both scholarly forums and major museum installations focusing on Black and Brown connections and relations. “The African Legacies of Mexican Births” will make a great contribution in raising awareness of the historical, intercultural, and ancestral interconnections that African Diasporan and Mexican/Indigenous peoples have had and continue to have in the Americas. .  With this our work can be viewed as timely and unique.


Beginning on Sunday, October 1st S.P.Ar.C.C. will host a community based, intergenerational, multi-lingual cultural odyssey that presents elements of Mexico that will embrace commonalities as we seek harmony, peace and dialogue within our barrios.  The invocation will be lead by Folklorist Guillermo “Bubba” Fass of Baile Brazil/Cuba Ache’ with Opening and Closing ceremonies by Danza Mexica Cuauhtémoc and performances by Barbea Williams Performing Company/ UA Afrikana Dance Ensemble.


Special guests discussing the African Presence in Mexico from the Indigenous and Colonial perspectives are Oral Historian Arturo “Paztel” Miereles of Danza Mexica Cuauhtémoc reciting and celebrating along with Cuauhtémoc a historical account of African people in Mexico and Dr. Dolores Rivas Bahti of the University of Arizona UA - Spanish and Portuguese Department and Latin American Studies - Pima West Campus will present “Pinturas de Castas” a rare and vivid view of the multiracial social classes of Mexicans during the late colonial period.  In the main lobby a mini exhibit of visual art, maps, posters, photography, and dance videos of Afromestizo people will be displayed with each series.


Join us as we SPArCC the foundations of the Americas in this two-part series held at the Quincie Douglas Library, 1585 E. 36th Street (At Kino) from 3-4:30 pm, FREE and Open to the Public, Refreshments will be served.


Following the October 1st event the second part convenes on Sunday, November 5th bringing Wade Colwell-Sandoval the Hip Hop, Spoken Word Mogul of the knowledgeable FunkaMentals duo in a “Harmonizes Homies” performance and workshop along with Ballet Folklorico de Arizona with Afro-Mexican dances from the soul of the Jarocho people of the Atlantic Coast. 


These series are sponsored by a grant from ProNeighborhoods your friendly and supportive organization whose name truly reflects its commitment to improving our communities.  Co-sponsors:  Tucson-Pima Public Library and Barbea Williams Performing Company.


The previous congruous collaborations on this important subject will set the ground work for future community based projects as we work toward continued harmony amongst all peoples.


* S.P.Ar.C.C.’s mission is to teach, cultivate, promote, and develop within the Greater South Park community an appreciation, understanding, and love of the performing, literary and visual arts; develop the interest of patrons/donors of these arts; to express our diverse heritage in multi-cultural and intergenerational mentoring/exchanges using the arts to express healthy lifestyle choices. To establish a culture center that provides lecture/ demonstration/workshops in the community and venues to showcase neighborhood talent and interests.


*Danza Mexica Cuauhtémoc is a community of people dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Mexica/Azteca culture, ceremonies, warrior dance, accurate history and traditions by coming together and supporting one another in struggle for political, economic, environmental, social and cultural justice.


- A non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization - 

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