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Tucson: Beowulf Alley Theatre audition for a male actor


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Beowulf Alley Theatre Company, at 11 South 6 Avenue, will hold an audition for a male actor for the production of FICTION on September 7th, 2006 from 6p-9p. 
We are looking for a male actor to play the lead part of Michael Waterman a novelist, Age 35-50.
The rehearsals will start the end of September. Actor must be available for evening and weekend rehearsals.
A stipend will be paid.
Please send an e-mail to to request an appointment or you may call 622-4460.
A synopsis of the play is below.
Fiction by Steven Dietz
Run Dates: November 4 – November 26
Every relationship has its secrets.
Linda and Michael Waterman are a happily married couple, both successful writers. When Linda faces a life-threatening illness, they decide to share their diaries with one another--and the boundaries between past and present, fact and fiction, trust and betrayal begin to break down. This intelligent and perceptive play peers into the private world of a husband and wife facing truths that were better left unsaid.
"Everything about the play has an elegance and richness our theater sees too seldom."-- New York Daily News.

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