Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tucson: Actor needed for lead role in student short film


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Subject: [Tucson Actors Forum] Director looking for lead actor

Actor needed for lead role in student short film to be shot in early
Please reply to slamkab@email.arizona.edu
<mailto:slamkab%40email.arizona.edu> preferably, or blackelvis81@yahoo.com
<mailto:blackelvis81%40yahoo.com> , include headshot and contact info.


Subject B-493, age 35 ? 40 years. B-493 is a middle aged caucasian man. He
is a Schizophrenic Catatonic Type meaning he does not speak. He exhibits
echopraxia a behavior, common in Schizophrenic Catatonics, that involves
mimicking and reproducing the movements and mannerisms of other people. He
was born in an asylum where is mother was interned for
indefinite period of time. She was raped and impregnated by an overzealous
orderly who was his father. When he reached adulthood his captors outfitted
head with a set of permanent bionic ears, the ears were the result of
work done by military scientists commissioned to spearhead a Sense
Modification Program. The program was started to find ways to utilize and
modify new and
existing technologies to improve covert operatives in the field.

The most important element of B-493 is his bionic ears. They are the source
of much pain and discomfort in his already miserable life. The slightest
aural disturbance causes him immeasurable pain. In order for him to sleep he
must destroy the buzzing fly that has crept into his decrepit cell.

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