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Tucson: "HOMONEUROTIC" World Premiere at Club Congress


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                   P R O D U C T I O N S





new voice in gay comedy/drama (Dramedy, anyone?)

presents its World Premiere at Club Congress, October 20/21.     Early shows at 7 pm.    Tickets are amere $10.00. 


“HOMONEUROTIC” may sound like porn… and that’s the point!   After we lure you in with false promises and expectations, we hit you with ninety minutes of humor, thought provoking commentary, occasional heart tugs and just plain silliness.  There are even a couple of musical numbers!


Written by Kenton Jones and Rob Zonfrelli, “HOMONEUROTIC” has taken a full year to gestate.   We are thrilled to be hosted by the venerable Club Congress on its newly reconfigured stage.   Come early for a few drinks and be prepared to be amazed!  And …. Amused!


 Tickets at: (click on Club icon, scroll down to Oct. 20)


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