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CORRECTION: BETE teaching Batucaxe Dance Class TODAY!



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Subject: CORRECTION: BETE teaching Batucaxe Dance Class TODAY!



Dance Class Sunday!

‎"The most valiant thing you can do as an artist is to inspire someone else to be creative." - Joseph Gordon Levitt
We asked on our Facebook page: "How has Batucaxe inspired you to be creative?"

We received some wonderful answers...
 I don't know how I'd have survived the dissertation process without Batucaxe. I actually had research breakthroughs WHILE DANCING!" ~Mika
" Dance! Expression of the inner me. Beautiful movement and rhythms infused in my being and passed on to my child!" ~Erika
It's caused me to become aware of a whole wonderful culture right here in Tucson that I never knew existed! My body, soul, and mind have all benefitted and it has brought so much joy!!!" ~Simone
Oh my goodness the blessing of Batucaxe!!!! Through movement singing, stories, dance and now drumming!!!... I have been continually inspired to keep trying new things!! I am so thankful for a community of beautiful people who support each other in their creative expressions...thank you!!" ~Therea

Let's all show up at 5 pm and dance with creative inspiration!
Batucaxe Dance Class with BETE and the BATUCAXE Crew!
Rhythm Industry Performance Factory, 1013 S. Tyndall Ave.
$10 drop in/$32 for 4 classes - use anytime!


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