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Additional Casting Call, "The Bigger Man" Student film


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“The Bigger Man” Student film. SEEKING ACTORS


Overview: Julian is hardworking man who loves his wife, kids and would do anything for his family. Deciding to surprise his wife he leaves work early. Upon coming home he notices an unknown car in the driveway. Entering the house he sees his wife, Stacey, standing near the back door with Tyler, a family friends son. Not suspecting anything he offers Tyler to stay for dinner. An awkward dinner ensues until Julian decides to use the bathroom. Seeing that his bedroom light is on he enters to turn it off. The bed is poorly put together and clues suggest Stacey and Tyler are having an affair. Julian comes back to the diner table where he subtly reveals his investigation.


Julian: Julian is a manly man somewhere between the age range of 40-50. His is tall, muscular, has brown hair and contains a cordial aspect that people find attractive. Julian carries an air of authority with him at work and home.


Stacey: Stacey is a beautiful woman that any guy would fall for. She is between the ages of 40-50. Stacey has a seductive element when she is with Tyler but when Julian enters the picture, aspects of a soccer mom arise.


Tyler: Tyler is dark skinned, brown haired, strong built young man between the ages of 21-25. He has a high head on his shoulders and a confident swagger when he is with Stacey. However, when Julian enters the picture his manner changes to a more nervous but careful demeanor.


Shooting Dates: April 5th-7th

-This short film is an unpaid opportunity to work on your craft, showcase your material and be part of a great production. The compensation would be a DVD of the short film, film festival exposure and further compensation can be discussed with the filmmakers Christopher Cegielski and Andrew Katsinas.

Director Profiles: Drawing on a rich Native American cultural heritage, University of Arizona BFA filmmaker Christopher Cegielski has made unique contributions to projects ranging from music videos to documentaries to fictional short films which have screened at Tucson's The Loft Cinema and even won the "First Friday Shorts" competition. "My Pretty Family" (working title) will be Chris' third short fiction film.

University of Arizona BFA filmmaker and native Tucsonan Andrew Katsinas has a deep appreciation for genre-blending stories that combine comedic and dramatic themes to capture human struggle as people go through day-to-day life. Andrew is excited to explore the human condition further with the "My Pretty Family" team as the film's co-writer/director


** If interested in auditioning please contact Christopher, or the producer Sarah Law, **

Sarah Law
Senior, University of Arizona
Family Chair, Alpha Phi Omega, National Co-Ed Community Service Fraternity



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