Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Crew Call for OTS Gunfighter Shoot - Old Tucson Studios 50th anniversary

Crew Call for OTS Gunfighter Shoot

In celebration of Old Tucson Studios 50th anniversary, 50 stuntmen/gunfighters/movie actors will be converging at Old Tucson for an epic show.  We will capture the essence of Old Tucson - the ol' timer's stories from a bygone era, the volatile mix of pyros, stunts, showgirls and egos, and bind it through the history of western cinema.  Acclaimed hollywood Executive Producer Dennis Leoni (UA Alum) along with Richard Wenz and Bill Reed are returning to Old Tucson to orchestrate an ambitious stunt show while Director Ari Luis Palos will create half doc, half western showdown feature project.  All in two days.

If you have a love of westerns and want to combine doc production with action feature experience, I am looking for a few good makers.  There is no pay, but two days of fun and you'll get a unique and polished addition to your reel.

Production Dates:  March 15th and 16th

Pre-prod meetings:  TBA

Need to fill:

3 Producers - You will be creating the stories for your team.
            -  Good interviewing skills.
            -  Able to discover and create verité scenes quickly.
            - Good onset demeanor.

3 Camera Operators - You will be creating the look of your team.
            - Technically competent with the latest DSLR and broadcast cameras.
            - Proven skills of camera operation and shot composition
            - Able to deliver a 'live shot', there are no second chances

3 Location Sound Operators - You will be creating the backbone of the project.
            - Technologically Meticulous and aware of your surroundings.
            - Able to recognize the difference between good sound and great sound.
            - Problem solving skills

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