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Stage and/or Screen Writing Partner Wanted


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Stage and/or Screen Writing Partner Wanted


Do you like to work on some of your scripts in a writing team? Many of Hollywood's most successful films and many stage plays that make it to Broadway are written by writing partners who compliment each other's talents.  I work projects on my own and also with other writers.  I am seeking a writer at the moment who likes serious sci-fi, romantic comedy adventure, or sci-fi romantic adventure.  You need not have finished a script on your own but you would need to already have studied script writing somewhat and know the basics, such as:  there are always 3 acts and each act is broken down into scenes that bring the action forward, so that no scene is extraneous. Being comfortable with character development, character motivation, hidden agendas.  Also understanding plotting and how to move a script forward,  tone of script and how to keep the entire script in the same flavor while intensity levels change throughout during action or dialogue that reveals twists in plot.  Dialogue is important but I can usually keep someone on track if it's not their strong suite, as it's mine.   It's all harder than it may sound, which is why some scripts can take years to finish.  But often when two people work together the pieces fall into place faster, at least that's my experience.  It depends upon whether the two people have a similar sense of humor and find similar themes fascinating if working on sci fi.  Email or call. Perfectly fine to call just to inquire even if you've never worked on any scripts at all, but you are either a writer, actor or other artist in media. I also have an acting background:  520-282-9915. 


I have been marketing for about 10 years and I am very good at it and have all the tools and books with manager and agent contact numbers that are needed and I keep updating them.  So I can handle that entire side of the partnership.  For any project we began working on together it would be 50/50 when a sale is made minus a very small amount for time and materials in marketing on my side.  I am willing to draw up a contract between us if I can find someone for one of the scripts I am working on already or a new idea that we come up with together or something you have started that I think is a good project. 


Thanks, Yaedi Ignatow



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