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Acting Creativity Workshop: Source Work


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Acting Creativity Workshop: Source Work

Taught by Diane Call and Suzanne Parenteau (of Olympia WA)


Whether you're a writer, dancer, singer songwriter, painter, poet,
teacher, auto mechanic, and simply want to go deeper into life. This is
an actor's training for actors and everyone else.

if you're alive you're talented" Constantin Stanislovski

Have you ever wondered why you speak and move the way you do?
What is your relationship to self expression?


·       Explore your relationship to trance, image, image making, and the poetic aspect of the psyche.

·       Access the power of your imagination through your bodies own wisdom.

·       Experience yourself beyond habituated mental, emotional, and physical patterns while staying connected to the truth of your being.

Where: St. Andrew's Episcopal Church 545 S. 5th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85701 When: March 16, 2013 from noon to 6 pm

Price: $45 to $65 sliding scale

Contact: Diane Call at 520-405-7940 to register

Diane Call and Suzanne Parenteau studied Source Work at

Linda Putnam's Evergreen Theatre School for Acting in North Hampton MA from 1984 -1992.

This form of acting is derivative of the work of Jerzy Grotowski Director of the Polish Laboratory Theatre



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