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SB1242 - Multimedia Production Tax Incentives Bill Faces Opposition



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SB1242 - Multimedia Production Tax Incentives Bill Faces Opposition

Friends of Film in Arizona,

Trying to pass a film incentive program at the Arizona state legislature has been an uphill battle for three years now. Despite the fact that we have prevailed in every committee and with every floor vote, lack of support from House and Senate leadership has created, and continues to create, an insurmountable obstacle.

Given the current political climate, passing SB1242 will be impossible. Our supporters in the legislature know this and have let us know that to continue to fight for it would be an unwinnable effort. We would end up losing more than we have to gain; consequently, we’ve decided to stop pushing a bill that is destined to fail, and to instead focus on areas where we can be effective. It’s time, for now, to explore other ways to reinvigorate this industry into the powerful economic driver it once was in this state.

Many of you want to understand why leadership at the capital doesn’t want to incentivize a proven industry. The arguments are varied, but they come down to a conviction that incentives for this industry are not a good use of tax payer dollars. And when you see full page ads like this one that ran yesterday in a regional paper in Senator Melvin’s district, you can see the mindset and the tactics of some of the opposition.

We appreciate all of your positive efforts and support, and we will keep you apprised as future plans take shape. If you want to take action, we ask that you thank Senator Melvin who has been committed to this bill until the bitter end as well as last year’s sponsor, Senator John Nelson. Also, Tucson City Councilmember Steve Kozachik has been a tireless advocate and has kept the issue in the forefront of the news for months. 

Councilman Kozachik summed it up best: "We said all along that this is a jobs bill. In this economic environment, it is nothing short of irresponsible for political leadership in Phoenix to say NO to the tens of millions of dollars in clean industry that this bill would have generated."

Ironically, this article - Arizona lawmakers weigh revival of film tax incentive -was published in the L.A. Times on Tuesday. And, coincidentally on the same day, this article appeared in the Santa Fe Republic - New Mexico lawmakers approve bill to expand tax incentives for films, TV series.

Here are 10 Reasons Arizona Needs a New Film Incentive.

This short 5-minute video details the enormous economic impact which HANGOVER 3 had on Nogales, AZ in Fall of 2012.

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