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CORRECTION: Feature Film Audition on March 29th and 30th , The System Is Broken



Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 8:19 PM
Subject: Regarding The System Is Broken Casting Notice


I submitted a casting notice "Feature Film Audition on March 29th and 30th , The System Is Broken" this morning, but realized there shouldn't be a submitting deadline on the notice.

Please delete the March 25th deadline on What To Prepare section.

Thank you very much.


Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 10:48 AM
Subject: Feature Film Audition on March 29th and 30th , The System Is Broken


Production Title: The System Is Broken

Production Company: The System Is Broken – The Movie

Playwright or Screenwriter: Ignatius Lin

Director: Ignatius Lin

Compensation: SAG ULB




The System Is Broken is a fictional political drama about how grassroots volunteers advocate voting rights for under-represented people in a Presidential Campaign. See our concept trailer or visit for more details about this project.



Character Breakdown


Pete (Male, Lead)

22-25 Caucasian. Pete is an idealistic college grad, who is unyielding in his pursue of social justice. His fiery impatience towards injustice pushes him to volunteer in Florida after hearing about election irregularity from the last Presidential election. Pete soon becomes the key member of the Latino Office and falls in love with the headstrong Natalia. Stage combat experience preferred but not required.
Actors auditioning as Pete please come WITHOUT facial hair if possible

Actor Type: Garrette Hedlund, Matt Bush, Robert Pattinson


Rick (Male, Lead)

30-40 Caucasian. Crafty and ambitious, Rick is the Regional Manager of the Central Florida Presidential campaign. Once a rising star, he has been passed over for promotion several times and worked on a few losing campaigns. Rick possesses a corrupt idealism and will win at all cost in order to get a job in the White House.

Please wear dress shirt to the audition.

Actor Type: Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine, Ben Afflect, Casey Affleck


Natalia (Female, Lead)

22-25 Latino. Energetic and attractive, Natalia is the Assistant Manager of the Latino Office. A truly genuine volunteer, she passionately advocates for her community and dedicates her time to giving them the vote. An emotionally complex character. Pete’s love interest. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.

Actor Type: Gina Rodriguez


Diego (Male, Supporting)

50-60 Latino. Boisterous and charismatic, he uses his street smarts to try to do something good and help the Hispanic community realize their right to vote. A Vietnam War veteran, Diego was broken from his experiences in the war. Now, he has finally turned his life around and is the head of the Latino Office. Stage combat experience preferred but not required. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.

Actor Type: Danny Trejo


Matt (Male, Supporting)

22-25 Could be any ethnic/racial minority besides Hispanic. A volunteer at the headquarters whom Rick groom to become his right-hand man. Matt has been friends with Pete since their freshman year in college. Matt believes that politics can change people's lives for the better. Since Matt is a rule-follower who does not wish to rock the boat, he is torn by his desire to help the society's castaways and his loyalty to his superior who might not have the castaways' best interest in mind. 


Lee (Male, Supporting)

40-55 Caucasian. Lee has worked hard for all his life and is fed up with the unfairness and corruption in life and in the government. A moderate conservative, he voted in every past election but now feels his vote makes no difference. Beneath his crusty demeanor is a warm-hearted person looking to believe in something greater again. Stage combat experience preferred but not required.

Actor Type: Alan Arkin



What To Prepare

-Everyone should submit headshotresume, and online reel (if not available, please note in email that you don't have one) to by March 25th. If we’re interested we’ll contact you for the next step.



Next step

-For actors outside of Tucson, we will ask you to do a Skype audition (sometime around end of March or early April), or much better yet, you can come to our Tucson auditions.

-For Tucson actors, we’ll schedule you for a local audition on March 29th~30th.

Character side(s) will be provided when we contact suitable candidate and set up appointment.


-Actors auditioning for Rick should come wearing a suit or semi-formal attire.

-Tentative Start Shoot Date: May 13th, 2013




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