Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cast and crew call, horror short shoot in Marana - females with elderly look


From: Billie Brannock []
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 12:20 PM
Subject: Need actresses/crew for horror short shoot in Marana, May 2013

Dead Coyotes Productions is going for its second horror short production with "Ruthie Jean's Special Recipe" come May, 2013.  Dates we are contemplating to shoot are either May 4/5 or May 11/12 involving day and night scenes.  I'm hoping to include bit shots of all cast/crew to be included on rolling credits so we can all see ourselves in this film.  Scott Taft Jr. (sound), and Philip Walker (camera) are my two main cohorts in this undertaking and will be working side-by-side with me on this production.  This is a script I wrote and will also be directing.  Please spread the word as we are in need of ELDERLY FEMALE ACTRESSES, all races are welcome to audition.  I'm not going to narrow down my options as decisions will be made on acting abilities, screen appeal, and if they can pull off an overall elderly look which is essential for the plot of this film.  I also invite any still photographers (digital only, please), additional experienced crew (grips, gaffers, makeup, SFX, etc.).  Phil is handling all the essential shoot equipment fulfillments and bringing some crew along from Phoenix for the event.  He will make the final decision for who will be on board come D-day.  Auditions with cold readings will be done in advance for actors with Scott and myself.  I'll include standbys in case of an emergency who can work set if not needed.


This gig provides food, drink, DVD copy of film, IMDb credits, and a wrap party at The Loft Theater (which I will arrange later down the road).  Lookie-loos are invited to watch the filming, but I do need advance notice to accommodate numbers. 


Some of you are from Twin Brides cast/crew and know me and my past accomplishments.  Others are from Bloody Kisses, the first horror short shoot DCP completed in 2012 and distributed through  I think everyone knows of my integrity and ability to follow through on completing a film and getting DVDs out to the participants as well as uploading their IMDb credits.  


All actor applicants please send resume/head shot to this email addy.  All crew, please submit resumes.  We will be auditioning in April (date given out later).  There will also be rehearsals prior to the shoot in late April on set location.  This will be a lot of fun and should be completed in one weekend, but it will be a long one.  Tired individuals can crash on set as beds will be available.


Feel free to email me if you intend to participate.  I won't turn anyone down.  Even actors not given a role will have the opportunity to work on set and garnish their IMDb credit.


Hope to hear back from you!


Best wishes,



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