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Call for new theatre and performance projects - Next Theatre at Beowulf Alley


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Next Theatre at Beowulf Alley

announces a call for new theatre and performance projects


The Geats’ Cup


The Next Theatre at Beowulf Alley will be accepting applications for First Annual The Geats’ Cup between May 15th  and July 1st.


The Geats’ Cup is a community-based, fundraising event for Tucson’s innovative and creative performers, theatre-makers, storytellers, artists, revolutionaries, visionaries, and agent provocateurs. Inspired by the likes of FEAST in Brooklyn, MCA Denver’s Mixed Taste, SMoCA's Good 'n' Plenty and PechaKucha, The Geats’ Cup gives theatre artists an opportunity to creatively pitch their idea for a chance to win a grant from The Next Theatre.


For more information contact Michael at NextThetareTucson@gmail.com


The process? You’re a creative theatre type and you have a hare-brained scheme for, say, doing a version of totally nude Kabuki Hamlet. You’ve thought this through. You’re not just having a psychotic episode. You write a brief précis about your project: what you want to do (Naked Kabuki Hamlet), who’s involved (my gullible friend Jim) and where (obviously somewhere on Toole Ave). We won’t make you write up a budget, but you will be looked at skeptically if you haven’t really thought it out. We’re not going to give you a form to fill out. But you will want to write your name at the top of your paper. Take this two-page (maximum) document, save it as a PDF and send it to: NextTheatreTucson@gmail.com.


Out of this tsunami of submissions, five creative-types (We’d say “creatives,” but creative is an adjective, folks, I’m sorry) are selected.


Those five nominees will be invited to present their ideas before a shadowy panel of arts professionals and the community of Tucson at Beowulf Alley Theatre in mid-August. This evening is $20 (not for you, you get in free) and there is also refreshing adult beverages and nosh. The top two winners of the audience and panel receive a lion’s share of the evening’s proceeds and the hearty blessing of The Next Theatre staff.


Your only responsibility is to tell us what you did with the money and invite us to come and see it. For more information contact Michael at NextTheatreTucson@gmail.com. If you absolutely need a form to fill out, we’ll send you one. Individuals may apply. Non-profits may as well.  Average award is between $500 and $1000 dollars.


For more information contact Michael at NextTheatreTucson@gmail.com.


We only have a few restrictions. We absolutely won’t give any money to folks who represent political parties, hate groups, or who are genuinely and generally unpleasant. We’re funding your art thing. That being said, strong convictions are welcome. We also would prefer the project to be performance based, though that can include the following disciplines:



Digital Media




Performance Art

Some new art form you just thought of

Performance poetry



Our panel leans toward the visual and slouches toward the literary. If you’re not sure you’ve got the right idea, email me. I’ll tell you.


For more information contact Michael at NextThetareTucson@gmail.com



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