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Tucson Improv Movement Present: Twitter Blast A Brand New Social Media Improv Comedy Show


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Tucson Improv Movement Present: Twitter Blast A Brand New Social Media Improv Comedy Show

For Immediate Release

Tucson Improv Movement

Contact: Justin Lukasewicz Phone: (520) 314-7299

Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @Tucsonlmprov

For Immediate Release: Calendar Listing

·        When: June 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, 2013 7:00PM

·        What: Twitter Blast - an Improv Comedy Show

·        Who: Tucson Improv Movement

·        Where: The Red Barn Theater, 948 N. Main, Tucson Az

·        Price: $5 for adults, $3 students/military with ID (Cash at door)

·        Public info:

·        Contact: Justin Lukasewicz at (520) 314-7299 or

Calendar Release: The Tucson Improv Movement with its June Show Twitter Blast, brings irreverent improv comedy to The Red Barn Theater. Our talented group of improvisers will take the craziness on the social media website Twitter, and translate it into comedic scenes on stage. This brand new show will take the top trending topics on Twitter, and weave them into an intricate network of comedic threads. The cast will also interview an audience member and use their interactions on Twitter to formulate another batch of sidesplitting scenes. The Tucson Improv Movement performs weekly at the Red Barn Theater, and performed at the 21st Annual SICK Comedy Festival at the University of Arizona.

Come join the Movement and laugh with TIM!

For media pictures you can go to their website at For Media Interviews and/or Media Comp Tickets call Justin Lukasewicz at (520) 314-7299 or email him at

For Immediate Release

Tucson Improv Movement

Contact: Justin Lukasewicz Phone: (520) 314-7299

Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @Tucsonlmprov


The Tucson Improv Movement (TIM) is Tucson's brand new Improvisational Performing Company and Comedy School. Founded in October 2012, this performing company has grown into a diverse group of fifteen performing improvisers. TIM produces hilarious improv comedy based on the same philosophy as the great comedy venues in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. Catch the comedy of the big city, right here in the Old Peublo!

The Tucson Improv Movement is proud to present our brand new improv comedy show Twitter Blast. Based on the chaos of the social media website Twitter, our talented group of improvisers will take the top trending topics, and weave them into an intricate network of hilarious threads. The cast will also interview audience members and use their interactions on Twitter to formulate another batch of sidesplitting scenes. Bringing the bedlam of social media physically onto the stage in a live format will be sure to present an uproariously, amusing show.

Communication in our world is constantly changing, and that has been highlighted by the monumental growth in social media websites. Daniel Kirby the Twitter Blast's artistic director explained "Twitter is a unique peek into the collective consciousness of the world. There's so much information and so many stories. Our job with this show is to break some of those down. We will take what seems most interesting and examine it. We'll try to make sense of it through our scenes. We'll tap the global gold mine of ideas and bring them to the stage. Also, there will probably be a couple jokes about farts."

With a desire to being new formats of improvisational comedy to the stage, Justin Lukasewicz birthed the idea of creating the Tucson Improv Movement last April when he moved back to Tucson. "For the size of Tucson, I did not see a lot of improv comedy happening. It become my daily goal to find ways to create a vibrate comedy community in town!" Through this TIM was created to provide a venue for people to learn, perform, and enjoy the art of improvisation. "I believe improv comedy makes people's lives better whether they are learning, performing or watching improv, I hope TIM can really bring laughter and a positive perspective to Tucson!" said Lukasewicz

The Tucson Improv Movement also features a comedy school where students can learn the art of improvisation in a creative and supportive environment. The comedy school features five levels of improv training, with the ultimate goal of perfecting the harold, the most famous long form improv format created by Del Close in the 1960's. Harvey Gardner a recent TIM comedy student said, "Thanks for your great gift to us all, clear pointers to how we may confidently, enthusiastically, innovatively and cooperatively improvise the rest of our lives." TIM teaches a comedy curriculum developed by Zach Ward the current Managing Director of ImprovBoston and founder of the DSI Comedy Theater in North Carolina. This style presents a fast paced, smart comedy format that pushes directly on the funny in a scene.

The Tucson Improv Movement Performs weekly at the Red Barn Theater on Saturday afternoon at 5 PM. Tickets are $5 at the door, and $3 for students and military. Our shows feature Improv Jam a fast paced comedy battle between two teams competing for street cred, and the honor of being our weekly Comedy Champion. TIM is excited for our first run of night shows during the month of June with Twitter Blast shows at 7 PM. Each level of our comedy classes feature a showcase, where our students put their new improv chops on the stage for family and friends. Recent Comedy student Yarrow King said, "I had a blast at our student showcase for Tucson Improv Movement's Improv 101 class! Thank you for the great class! Thanks to all my fellow improvisers!"

For more information about all of our comedy offering's: classes, shows, booking, and special events visit our website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

For Immediate Release

Tucson Improv Movement

Contact: Justin Lukasewicz Phone: (520) 314-7299

Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @Tucsonlmprov




Daniel Kirby: Daniel is the Artistic Director of the Twitter Blast show for Tucson Improv movement and a comedy addict in general.

Daniel has been performing comedy since 2006 when he was accepted to the University of Arizona's Comedy Corner: the longest running college comedy troupe in the nation. While in College he served as the troupe's Artistic director and Producer. He has done numerous workshops with Improvisors in Cities from LA to Chicago and has performed locally at the Beowulf Alley Theatre, Auld Dubliner, Sky Bar and Surly Wench Pub. He enjoys the challenge of each new project and looks forward to nothing more than making people smile.

Ben Dietzel: Ben Dietzel, apart from being an avid fan of anything involving avocados or grilled asparagus, is a semi-experienced improv and stand-up comedian. Since 2009 he has been 76% committed to achieving his dreams of work in the entertainment business in one capacity or another. While lack of focus and procrastination may be his strong suits he still feels that if you aren't fully amused by his performances you will at least walk away with a bit of worldly wisdom.

Jessica Gregg: Although Jessica dreamed of being a fly girl on the hit sketch comedy show, In Living Color at the tender age of 8, she was actually terrified of the stage for most of her life. However, after moving back to her hometown of Tucson, she decided to take the TIM Improv 101 class in March 2013. A week later, she kicked herself for not trying Improv sooner and is now super pumped to be a part of the TIM company. When she is not improv-ing or practicing the Running Man, Jessica enjoys going to concerts, watching too much television and hanging out with her adorably overweight Miniature Pinscher, Sophie.

Jacob Lockwood: Jacob is a long-form and short-form performer with the Tucson Improv Movement, a technology guru and a life-long fan of improvisation.

Jacob is a Tucson native and has only been performing improv since October 2012. Growing up, Jacob had a penchant for characterization and voices creating a small following for several of his characters. His eidetic memory garnered for him the designation: "a Walking Book of Useless Information." Coupling his skills with characterization and details, Jacob hopes to be one of the many outstanding members of The Tucson Improv Movement.

Lena Olsen: Lena has been doing improv comedy since 2011. Like other members of Twitter Blast, she was a member of the UA sketch and improv troupe, Comedy Corner. After graduating from college this spring, she decided she wanted to keep doing improv and gain more experience through TIM. She hopes to do improv and stay involved in comedy for the rest of her life.

Justin Lukasewicz:

Justin has been involved with the performing arts for over ten years. In college Justin performed with the Misericordia Players and produced Misericordia University's first live comedy show CougarLive. After moving to North Carolina he began an in-depth study of improvisational comedy at the DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro, NC. While at DSI, Justin was a resident instructor in the Comedy School, performed on the IMPROV SLAM and OMAHA 9 house teams. Justin also coached the high school improv team GISUEPPE, and did corporate trainer work with DSI COMMUNICATION.

Jessica Peck: Jessica only recently started doing improv in TIM's 101 & 201 classes lead by Justin Lukasewicz and soon fell in love with it :) A Tucson native, she earned her Business Management and Film degrees at the University of Arizona where she also works.



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