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Readers needed for 2013 TADA submissions


From: Sheldon Metz []
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 6:29 PM
Subject: Readers needed for 2013 TADA submissions



Dear Theatre (and TADA) People: 


On Thursday, May 23, the notice went out to four publications announcing the call for TADA's 2013 Play Script Submissions. Somehow, we were published in several East Coast theatre publications down to Florida. Two of this year's finalists came from New York, one from PA, and one from Florida. All of this year's writers have been produced and/or published. 


To date, we have 25 submissions. More are coming. Cut off this year is September 1, in our hands. 


Last year, we needed 11 people to read 52 scripts. That was narrowed down to nine finalists, read by three different people.  They narrowed it further to the top four. The first was read in May, at the Hotel Congress. We have three more; one each, in June, July and August. At least one of these will be produced next season by TADA!. 


One problem in 2012 was not all of the volunteer readers did their job and therefore, put a burden on others at the last minute. Another was the we waited until the deadline date before doling them out, delaying the process.  


This year, we'd like to have 10 people to whom I can distribute scripts as the arrive. We need volunteers who know how to evaluate a script as to: relevancy, interest, well-written, size of cast, running time, possible production problems (multi or elaborate sets, extraordinary tech, costume needs, etc.). 


We have a form that readers use. It is being redone to make it even simpler. Every line item gets a number 1-10. No writing needed until personal notes at the bottom. The only thing we ask is, if you're submitting a script this year, you're welcome to do so, but please don't volunteer. 


I've glanced at the submissions this year. The quality of the writers has improved greatly. If you enjoy reading scripts; if you'd like to see what kinds of plays are being written; if you're looking for a play to Direct, Perform in, Produce, Design,or just see, this is a great opportunity. If you're traveling or on vacation, it'll give you something to do on the back porch, swatting at mosquitoes and drinking a... whatever, this might be for you. 


We could use your help. With everyone's help, the Tucson Theatre Community can and will be on the map. 


Please let me know ASAP. 


              Sheldon Metz

       Director-Set Designer-"Go To Guy"

Artistic Director- Tucson Alliance of Dramatic Artists

   "Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal...or is it?"




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