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Casting Call, "Rain's Story" feature film - paid - filming in Phoenix


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Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 7:35 AM
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Project Name: Rain's Story


Production Company: Eleven Dragonflies Productions


Director: Caelia Adams


Film Type: Full-Feature Film


Compensation: Paid, credit, copy, food.


Planned Shooting Days: Filming for the role of Alex will be for a week between May 22- June 19 in Phoenix. Filming for campaign will be in February or March and will require one day.


Project Synopsis:


This story takes place in an alternate world in which humans and vampires live together under the threat of an absolute government. Rain's Story has a lot of drama and a lot of action. Alex, Rain and Brianna are vampires. The movie contains violence and language, but no nudity.


Alex (Rain's husband) is murdered after he and Rain have a fight. Rain and Brianna (Alex's daughter) must overcome his death. Rain has difficulty, loses her home and engages in dangerous activities. Rain remembers moments of her life from the first time she met Alex (when they were children) to the present time. Alex continues to haunt Rain after his death, though only Brianna sees him. Rain begins to get back on her feet and then she and Brianna are kidnapped. Rain's brother, Dravenn, must save them from Crow, the main villain.


Character breakdown:


Alex - 5'9" or taller, fit or buff, Caucasian/pale, prefer dark hair but lighter okay, shoulder length preferred. Late 20's- mid 30's or look it. Must be comfortable with shirt off. Alex is artistic, intense and outgoing. Looking for someone with strong presence and charisma.


Chance - Strong fighter. Comfortable dancing in a rave setting. Has one big scene. Chance is sleazy, an egomaniac and he attacks Rain.


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