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Sound of Music auditions, Blue Alley Productions


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Auditions for THE SOUND OF MUSIC

Paid leads and secondary roles (honorarium)


Blue Alley Productions LLC, produces nonunion, professional musicals and concerts 

Director/Choreographer: Cheryl-Ann Rossi, credits include principle roles on Broadway. 

Producing/directing credits include stock, regional and touring productions

Production Dates March 29-31, 2013/Berger Performing Arts Center


SEEKING ALL ROLES (please see list below)

We will be seeing children by age groups. ADULTS please make an appt.


Children's auditions, open call: We will initially see children in groups, then individually as needed

Ages 6-14, Saturday, Jan 19th 10-3 pm

Ages 15 & older, Open call adults as well, Saturday, Jan 19th, 5 pm- 10 pm


Adult APPT's,  Friday, Jan 18th 6-10 pm 

Open call adults Saturday, Jan 19th, 5 pm- 10 pm

CALL BACKS: Sunday, Jan 20th, noon-8 pm


To request an appt. please email

We will book ten minute appt slots.  Please do not be late.


WHERE: Act 1 Academy of Performing Arts 7878 Wrightstown Rd (corner of Wrightstown and Pantano)

NEEDS: Please bring sheet music, a current headshot and resume

Prepare 16 bars of appropriate music.  You may be asked to sing other material. Children will sing in groups first.


Adult Roles

Maria Rainer (soprano, 20-35) – A postulant at Nonnberg Abbey; free-spirited, warm, kind, determined. (guitar-playing a plus)
Captain Georg von Trapp (baritone, 35-50) – Retired Austrian naval captain. Strict military demeanor masks grief for his deceased wife, obscuring his warmth and understanding, but not his patriotism. (guitar-playing a plus)
Max Detweiller (tenor/baritone, 35+) – Loyal friend of Georg. Animated and charming,  but not a caricature. 
Elsa Shrader (mezzo, 25-40) – An elegant baroness, Georg’s love interest. Sophisticated, dignified, a practiced veneer that can totally hide heartbreak… almost.
Mother Abbess (soprano, 40+) – Head of the Abbey. Strong, authoritative, yet understanding and maternal.
Sister Berthe (alto, 40+) – Mistress of Novices at the Abbey. Sharp-tongued, prudish, less tolerant than most.
Sister Margaretta (mezzo, 40+) – Mistress of Postulants at the Abbey. Understanding, considerate.
Sister Sophia (soprano, 30-50) – Rule-abiding, understanding nun at the Abbey.
Franz (30+) – von Trapp butler. Formal, spirited, loyal German.
Frau Schmidt (30+) – von Trapp housekeeper. Efficient, dispassionate, strong presence.
Herr Zeller (40+) – Stern, stoic Nazi official. A local enforcer of the change in rule.
Youth roles (must play their age, but don’t have to be the exact listed age):

Rolf Gruber (tenor/baritone, 17) – Telegram delivery boy, then Nazi recruit. Suitor to Liesl. Pleasant and young. Hard to believe he’d become a Nazi, then equally hard to believe he’d bend the rules.
Liesl von Trapp (mezzo, 16) – The oldest child, very ready to be grown-up but still not a grown up yet. Somewhat maternal to her younger siblings.
Friedrich von Trapp (14) – A boy. Almost a man. Tries to be the man of the house in his father’s absences, but not quite ready for it. 
Louisa von Trapp (13) – Rebellious. Voted most likely to short-sheet your bed.
Kurt von Trapp (falsetto, 11-almost) – Part mischief, part gentle.
Brigitta von Trapp (9) – Smart, but overly honest. Voted most likely to do her homework.
Marta von Trapp (7) – Sweet, gentle. Likes pink, but there’s more to her than that.
Gretl von Trapp (6) – Capable of owning the stage by herself, and tugging audience heartstrings with her little finger.
Salzburg Community:

Baron Elberfeld – von Trapp neighbor. Proud Austrain.
Baroness Elberfeld – wife of the Baron. Classy and sophisticated.
Admiral Von Schreiber
 – Admiral of the Third Reich Navy.
Trio of the saengerbund of Herwegen – three award-winning singers.
Fraulein Schweiger – First soloist of the St. Agathe’s Church choir.
Ursula (20-50) – von Trapp house/kitchen servant.
Nuns, Postulants
Nazi soldiers
Salzburg neighbors – members of high society


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