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Musical Theater and Creative Dramatics classes at ACT 1 ACADEMY


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ACT 1 ACADEMY   "Where Character counts...inside and out! "

Now taking limited enrollment in the following classes

Our classes have a written, whole learning, process based curriculum.
This means that each class builds on the learning in the pre-requisite
class. The curriculum is designed to help students make connections
between their personal creative abilities and the skills required to

Creative Dramatics: (Girls ages 4-6) Wednesdays 4-5pm
This enchanting curriculum unleashes the power of play and
play-making. The games we use in these classes help teach theatre
terms and skills. With fairy wings, princess hats and hula hoops our
students learn to appreciate theatre and ultimately discover the magic
of creating drama. Students learn how to use their bodies, voices and
imaginations to develop characters and stories for the stage. Creative
Dramatics enhances self-esteem, creativity and problem-solving. The
last day of class includes a sharing day for family and friends.
ACCEPTING 4 STUDENTS      $220 Semester/16 wks

Introduction to Drama: (Ages 7-10) Tuesdays 4-5:15
Your journey to the stage begins with a bit of theater history and
mask making. Link the past with the present and gain valuable
performance skills!  Gain an understanding of how and why these skills
emerged from our theatrical history. Travel in Time to perform in the
medieval courts of England as a Jester: learning juggling and
pantomime. Your next stop is Italy to become a member of a Comedia
troupe where improvisation is the key to success.
Please note: This curriculum is adapted to accommodate students ages
7-adult and will be defined by age groups. 

ACCEPTING 4 STUDENTS  $220 Semester/16  wks

Musical Theater Prep:  (Ages 7-11) Saturdays 10-Noon / Tuesdays 4-5:15
Building on the acting curriculum, this class is designed to build
healthy performing skills in dance and voice. This is a process based
integrated skill building curriculum designed to engage the whole
learner and will develop not only skills in dance and voice but will
help student make the necessary connections between their own creative
abilities and their newly acquired skills in musical theater dance
(tap, jazz, ballet) and voice.  Classes meet by weekly for 3 hours
ACCEPTING 8 STUDENTS      $550 semester /16wks

Musical Theater:  (Ages 12 and older ) Thursdays 4-7pm
Students will learn the basics of performing in a stage musical, and
begin to develop the skills and habits of a professional performer,
while advancing their skills in dance, voice and acting. Please note:
This class will cover a great deal of curriculum in this one semester
in order that students may advance next fall.
3 hours.  ACCEPTING 12 STUDENTS     $550 semester /16wks

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