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Casting Call, western feature film - some pay

From Good Faith Casting (http://www.goodfaithcasting.com/):



Special notes:

This project is low budget and shooting in Tucson. The roles listed here are paid but there is no pay for travel. If they really like someone from Phoenix, they can put them up for a night in Tucson. Otherwise, anyone who auditions in Phoenix is expected to travel to Tucson at their own expense if they are cast.  We will do two castings, one in Phoenix at our office and one casting in Tucson for Tucson-based talent. All roles are day-player roles for 1 day unless otherwise noted. 



"Cowboys and Indians" feature movie


FILM SYNOPSIS: Cowboys and Indians is a regional picture to the four corners area of the US. It follows the life of Angel a beautiful Navajo Indian woman who is raped by a drunken cowboy at a competition Rodeo. The tragedy leads Angel to live desperately on the edge of the Navajo Reservation outside Farmington NM. She earns her living in a Bikini Bar called the Round-up as she tries her best to raise her son Gas, the ill-begotten son of the rape. When Gas is fourteen he runs away from home and is picked up by a hard-up cowboy(Cody) who was present on the fateful night 14 years ago. As Cody relates his past to the boy with shame, we learn that in an attempt to stop the rape, he'd inadvertently killed the culprit. The cowboy and the boy form a bond that takes them back to Angel for a reunion with an unexpected twist.


TYPE OF JOB: Low budget feature film




SHOOT DATE: Feb 1st 2013 thru Feb 18th 2013


SHOOT LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona.


AUDITION DATE in Phoenix: Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 by apand Friday, January 18th  2013 pointment only


AUDITION DATE in Tucson: Monday, January 21st 2013







$100 plus 10% agency fee for speaking roles

$50 for extras

$0 for background




Wayne Oscar: 25-30. Caucasian. Handsome cowboy with an evil side. He is the one who raped Angel many years ago. Need a strong actor.


Horsefeather - Native American, an older man in his 50's. Proud and strong man. Leader of tribal police. Man of right and justice.


Angel's Father - Native American man in his late 40's. Drinks too much and too often. Lazy, mean and overweight. Works when he runs into a gig, currently unemployed. Gets mad at Angel for getting raped.


Cousin - Native American cousin to Angel. She is in her late teens or early 20's. Plain looking girl. Dancer at strip joint. Likes to drink.


Angel's Mother - Native American woman in her mid 30's. Afraid of her husband, doesn't stand up for her daughter. Gets beat up by husband.


Piedra - Native American and Angel's best friend,16 to 19 years old, heavy set. Likes boys and to have a good time.


State trooper - Caucasian man in his 50's. Fit, short hair. Typical police looking man. Thinks of himself superior to most, to Native Americans always. Likes the power that comes with his title.




Trucker - Caucasian, big bellied man in his late 40's or early 50's. Typical trucker with hat on, not the first time he goes to this strip bar. Greasy, sleazy feeling about him.

 Wrangler - Weathered cowboy who's life is in rodeo. 40's  


Indian woman - Native American older lady, 50's or older. On the shorter side with a round face.  At store with her three grand kids, 6, 8 and 10 years old, looking in her wallet to find more money. Embarrassed and surprised when Twisty pays for her.

 Three kids - all Native Americans. A store with grandmother waiting at check out line.
 6, 8 and 10 years old.


Boy - Just over a year old. Half Native American, half Caucasian. Dark hair, dark eyes. Sensitive, suspicious. (Kyle Agnew is this boy in present time in the movie).  


Prison guard - Caucasian in his 50's. Has been working in the prison too long. Seen it all. 


CASTING COMPANY: Good Faith Casting, LLC

Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA, Casting Director / Owner  

Bella Hibbs, Casting Assistant  



Send an email right away only to submissions@goodfaithcasting.com   with the subject line reading COWBOYS AND INDIANS and the role(s) you are submitting for.  Example, "COWBOYS AND INDIANS - Horsefeahter"  The email should include a full body and close up digital photo of yourself (taken in the last year and no more than 150 dpi), your full name, your age* and birthdate*,  your union status, your contact information, your city and zip code, and a resume if you have one.  If Native American, please state your tribal affiliation.  Also state if you are willing to work as background if not cast in a paid role.  



If you are with an an agent we work with, please allow your agent to submit you.  Please note that since this film is low-budget you might want to let your agent know you are interested in being submitted.  Please note that like most of the castings we do, this is an exclusive casting for Good Faith Casting, LLC. If you are not with an agent we work with, you will not be considered. 


CAUTIONS: Submit as early as possible.  Not all submissions result in an audition/booking.  Talent should not call our office to follow up and should not submit multiple submissions for the same job.  Talent should not send us links to other websites to view photos.  Talent should not hide contact info within an attachment.  Talent should not say things like "you already know me" or "I am already in your database" as all submissions that do not follow precise protocol will be deleted and will not be considered for the project.  Do not submit if you are not a good match for the project.  Do not submit if you are not available for the required dates.  Do not submit if you are uncomfortable with the subject matter or the role. 

LEGAL WARNINGS: The information herein is intended for casting purposes only and should not be considered contractually binding.  The use of of information contained herein to circumvent Good Faith Casting, LLC's contractual involvement in this project either by talent or by a talent agency, acting directly or indirectly, may be subject to prosecution and/or legal remedy. This information is for subscribed individual use ONLY.  To pass this message on to another individual, use the forward function key below. Do NOT post this casting notice to websites without our express permission and do NOT forward it to groups without contacting our office first.  Under no circumstances are you permitted to sell this information or use it to promote your own business. You do NOT need permission to do FACEBOOK shares as long as the posting is shared on FACEBOOK in its original form.

Casting Society of America Equal Employment Casting Pledge

"We, the members of the Casting Society of America, are committed to the policy of equal employment opportunity. We pledge to hire qualified actors without regard to race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation or disability whenever possible in both principal and supporting roles. This pledge will serve as a constant reminder to ourselves, the entertainment industry and the world at large of our moral commitment to and responsibility for equality." 

* Good Faith Casting, LLC's Equal Employment Casting Pledge

We at Good Faith Casting, LLC take very seriously the federal and state laws prohibiting unlawful discrimination in employment, and we are committed to ensuring that our business practices are fully compliant with federal and state law prohibiting discriminatory practices.  Good Faith Casting, LLC does not require actors to provide it with their birthdate or age as a condition to being considered for casting opportunities except where the client requires such information and Good Faith Casting, LLC is aware that the client considers the information necessary to fulfill a legitimate, non-discriminatory business need or to address a bona fide occupational qualification of the production.   By providing Good Faith Casting, LLC with information concerning your birthdate or age, you are consenting to Good Faith Casting, LLC maintaining such information in its records and providing clients with such information should it be necessary.  Good Faith Casting, LLC believes It is the actor's choice whether or not to provide our company with such information, but should be aware that refusal to do so may negatively impact the actor's opportunities where the hiring client considers such information necessary for lawful purposes.  We welcome any questions you have about our policies and practices.  



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