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New Winter Classes from ZUZI! Dance Company, School & Theater



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Just a reminder that ZUZI!'s Winter classes started last week, but it's not too late to sign up! We have added some new classes, so check out our Winter schedule below.



SKINNER RELEASING on Tuesdays @ 11:30 am with Nanette

 An ongoing introductory class. No experience is necessary to enjoy this innovative approach to creativity and the healing arts (yoga, body work etc.) which promotes postural alignment, movement efficiency, and tension reduction. Releasing weaves poetic imagery, music & tactile exercises to integrate the whole self and tap into the creative process for each individual.

PRE BALLET FOR YOUTH AGES 4-6 @ 9 am with Shelley Smith

This class is designed to introduce the basic skills and technique of classical ballet while using fun, creative movement. Students learn ballet terms along with rhythm through a lively and engaging environment. Students work on improving their balance and coordination as well as their social and listening skills.

CONTEMPORARY ADULT DANCE on Saturdays @ 10 am with Shelley



This class incorporates many dance genres from classical ballet and modern, expanding into jazz, funk, and social dance. This class explores self expression along with improv through music. Contemporary dance uses body movements ranging from quick and spontaneous to slow and fluid. Class begins with a group warm up and then moves into different combinations across the floor as well as a short routine each week.


FLYING APPARATUS ADULT AERIAL on Saturdays @ 10 am with Nicole Sanchez, Carie Schneider, and Devin Bayly  


This Class will also serve as an introduction for students interested in learning how to perform using the aerial apparatus Lyra. We will cover the basics of controlled solo and partner work with a focus on safely navigating onto and off of the Lyra. Classes will include poses and maneuvers which are specific to the Lyra, as well as those which are transferable to trapeze.





ZUZI! Winter Classes 2013

Schedule of Classes

January 14-March 23 (10 week session)



4:30-5:30                                                 Beg/Int Modern for Youth (9-14 ages)         Nanette

5:30-6:30                                                 Inter/Advanced Modern (ages 15+)            Nanette/Sara/Mechelle



11:30-1:00                                               Skinner Releasing Dance                          Nanette-begins 2/12

4:30-5:30                                                Ballet for Youth (11-15 ages)                      Jamey

4:30-5:30                                                 Beg Aerial (7-12 ages)                              Jordan Ruiz

5:30-6:30                                                 Beg/Inter Modern (ages 15+)                     Sara

6:45-7:45                                                 Intermediate Adult Aerial (ages16)             Carie           



3:30-4:20                                                Creative Movement Aerial (ages 4-6)         Melissa

4:20-5:20                                                 Intermediate Aerial (ages 7-12)                Melissa

3:30-4:30                                                 Hip Hop for Youth (9-14)                          TBA - beginning soon      

5:30-6:30                                                 Inter/Advanced Modern (ages 15+)           Nanette

6:30-7:30                                                 Hip Hop for Adults                                  TBA - beginning soon 



4:30-5:30                                                 Intermediate Aerial (ages 10 -15)               Nanette

5:30-6:30                                                 Releasing into Aerial (ages 16+)                Nanette

6:45-7:45                                                 Beginning Adult Aerial                              TBA - begins 2/17



5:30-6:30                                                 Happy Hour Adult Aerial                           Sky (No class 2/1, 2/15, 3/22)



9:00-9:50                                                 Pre Ballet for youth (ages 4-6)                   Shelley

9:00-9:55                                                 Beg/Int Aerial (7-12)                                  Jordan

10:00-11:00                                             Contemporary Adult Dance                        Shelley

10:00-10:55                                             Flying Apparatus Adult Aerial                     Nicole/Carie/Devin

11:00-12:00                                             Advanced Beginning Adult Aerial                 Carie

12:30-2pm                                              Skinner Releasing into Performance             Nanette                                                                                                                                 


Look for Spring Session!   April 1st-May 25th

Skinner Releasing Ongoing Intensive: May 6th-25th



Annual Registration Fee: $15.00

1-hour long classes: $13/class drop-in or $120 for 10 week enrollment

1-1/4 or 1/2 hour long classes: $16/class drop-in or $150 for 10 week enrollment

Adult Class Card: $120 for ten 1 hour classes/ $150 for ten 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 hour classes.

Drop-ins do not apply to children's classes. They are full session only.


Hope to see you soon!

Nanette, Jamey, & Sue

ZUZI! Dance Company, School & Theater


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