Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pulp Gamer Media seeing Creative Humor Writer


From: Don Dehm [mailto:don@pulpgamer.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 11:47 AM
Subject: Writers Needed

Creative Humor Writer

Writers will frequently be called upon to create scripts, story synopses, treatments, articles, and one-liners for online video series projects.  The writer will be responsible for creating dialog and capturing existing characters, creating new characters, writing stories, providing content for online media.  Our current position requires a demonstrated ability to write humor.  Helpful interests include gaming, science fiction, and fantasy.

Please be prepared to submit a resume, short samples, and a cover letter explaining why this opportunity is the right fit for you.

About Us

Pulp Gamer Media is a small media production company specializing in branded entertainment.  We are looking for freelance writers that can operate as part of a team and become a productive and eager participant in our culture.  We believe in community, creating value, beating deadlines, exceeding expectations, growth, and enjoying our work.  Right now, we need funny.  We need someone that will enjoy board games, capture crazy characters, and write gut splitting dialog.


1.)    Conducts research to understand fictional characters, their interests, and the interest of the audience.  This research oven includes understanding various games.

2.)    Reviews, submits, and revises written material to meet the needs of a director, script manager, producer, and client.

3.)    Selects subjects and themes appropriate for the context.

4.)    Develops plot lines, theme, characters, setting, action, and dialog.

5.)    Writes humorous content for use by character actors, public personalities, and various social media outlets.

6.)    Writes full treatments based on personal interest and the direction of a producer.

7.)    Writes fiction or nonfiction prose, such as a biography, article, or in-character articles.

8.)    Writes script in company accepted format for video production of online, broadcast, or syndicated content.

9.)    Collaborates with other writers on various projects.



Minimum Qualifications

Demonstrated ability to create humorous dialog, prose, and one-liners

The ability to work on a team, accept criticism, take direction, and provide valuable feedback.

The ability to make tight deadlines and beat long-term deadlines

The ability to research the subject matter and provide insightful and humorous views on the subject

4 year degree or equivalent experience


Preferred Qualifications

An understanding of various social media outlets and how to use them effectively.

An understanding or interest in board games or other table-top games

Technical writing skills, specifically the ability to digest, simplify, and present complex rule sets in a concise matter.

An understanding of journalism, ethics, responsibilities, and research required to make insightful additions to various journalistic efforts


How to Apply

Submit Resume, Cover Letter, and humorous writing samples to hr at pulpgamer.com or through jobbing.com.




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