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ACT 1 ACADEMY AUDITION: The Secret of The Dragons Door...a new musical


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A new musical and documentary film project






(SPECIFICALLY LOOKING FOR A CORE OF 16 TEENS, with acting skills, strong voices and a desire to learn in a professional setting)



March 15  1pm-6pm.

March 29th 9am-6pm.


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This is a workshop/camp of an original new musical set for publication and production next year. Those selected will work with professional staff and Broadway performer, director Cheryl-Ann Rossi. performers will l work with a new script, new music, choreography etc. and will participate in creative changes as needed.  Performers will have daily dance, vocal, acting and stage craft classes IN ADDITION to rehearsal. Because this is truly a new show workshop, placement will be by audition only. 


Participants will have to sign a photo/video release as the process will be filmed as a documentary as well.






Hazzah! The kingdom is buzzing with excitement as everyone prepares for the wedding of the lovely princess Flutterby to that handsome Knight, Sir Dishone. When the princess disappears into the Dark Forest, the King fears she has been taken by the dreadful Dragon. Three brave knights are chosen to face the dragon and return the princess: the handsome Sir Dishone, the mighty Sir Elfi and the helpful Sir Edy. To find the Dragons lair the knights must solve the riddles hidden in the forest to discover the secret of the dragon’s door. But things, and people, are not always what they seem. The journey to the Dragon’s lair is fraught with temptation and truth…intellect and illusion…sarcasm, silliness….and secrets.

To the Dragon, it’s all a game.

Relegated to the “look-out tower”, the impatient Sir Ryan waits for his chance to save his best friend, the princess. He may not be the strongest or the bravest or the smartest, but Ryan has the one thing the other knights do not…but he is keeping it secret…for now.


ALL ROLES AVAILABLE: experience is a plus for ages 9-17. No experience required for ages 7-8

Princess Flutterby: Brash, a bit spoiled, strong singer, actor (age 14-17)

Sir Ryan: Flutteryby’s steadfast friend, known as the “wimpy Knight”, but has great strength of character, strong tenor ballad (age 14-17)

Squire Skip: Ryan’s comedic squire, sarcastic, moody, (age 14-17)

King: Pompous, singularly focused on retiring so he can play golf (age 14-17)

Sir Dishone: “Sir Dishonest”, can sweet talk a camel into buying fleas, a ladies man, comic actor, must sing (age 14-17)

Sir Edy: “Sir Greedy”, looks for opportunity, seeks his best interest which is why he is Sir Dishone’s pal, comic actor, must sing (age 14-17)

Sir Elfi: “Sir Selfish”, he is a brute, the muscle of the Knights, comic actor, must sing (age 14-17)

The Dragon: Large, misunderstood, likes to play games, he “raps” and dances hop. (age 14-17)

5 Ladies in Waiting: Lady Dalia, Lady Rose, Lady Lilly, Lady Zinnia, Lady Petunia (age 10-17), the five ladies who serve the princess, must sing and dance.

Lord Trusty: The king’s right hand, Ryan’s uncle, strong, quiet, the diplomat

The Checkers/Lie Flies: (ages 7-8) 12 animated youngsters who sing and take direction well.

The “Thicket”: (ages 8 and older) 12 performers who have dance experience, sing and can hurl insults. They are the Dragon’s back-up dancers.

Ensemble: 10 smaller roles, sing, dance


Workshop/camp 3 weeks: June 2-21, performances Friday, 20th, Sat 21st

Full day: 9am-4pm daily

$445 includes all materials and classes


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