Monday, February 24, 2014

Immediate casting call, Male Roles - "King's Sacrifice" - U of A Student Film


From: Omar Lopez jr. []
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2014 2:23 PM
Subject: Urgent need for Male Roles - "King's Sacrifice"



My name is Omar Lopez, a Junior BFA at the University of Arizona. My Co-director Hoa Le and I had a casting call recently and did not have quite the turn out we expected. Unfortunately we are really desperate for Male actors.

This is a student film and we are looking for 2 leading males.

Mathew (50s): Sebastian’s father. A proper man who can be emotionally tough with a strong ego, but wants what is best for his son. A grandmaster chess player, everything is well kept, regulated, and has a purpose. Never does anything without thinking about all the outcomes. He's a man of strategy. 

 Sebastian (20s): Mathew’s Son. More casual than his father and headstrong. A young man who thinks he is ready for the world. Smart enough to handle problems, but immature enough to still make mistakes. 

Film Synopsis/Scene  :
"Sebastian has just told his father, he wants to marry his girlfriend Emma because he is in love with her. Having married young, Mathew is really against Sebastian's decision. They are currently playing a chess match and are having an important discussion over the marriage." 

We would love to cast this part as soon as possible. Shoot dates are the 15-16 of March and we will need the actor  one day this weekend ideally to shoot a rehearsal scene study. 

Please send Headshot and Resume so we can meet up sometime this week for audition. 

You can email at

Omar Lopez
Co-director/Director of Photography of King's Sacrifice"
Junior BFA
School of Theatre, Film, and Television
University of Arizona


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