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Cast, Crew and Writers Call: A Love Story (Almost Famous 48 Hour Competition)


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Subject: A Love Story (Almost Famous 48 Hour Competition)


Nine Buddhas will be participating in this year's Almost Famous 48 Hour Film Competition.  


We  will meet on Friday, February 14 at 6 PM (at CoLab, 17 East Pennington).  Almost Famous will announce its theme, dialogue and prop at 7 PM.  We will develop a script on Friday night, shoot on Saturday, and edit on Sunday -- turning in our finished product  by 7 PM on Sunday night.


If you are interested in writing, acting, editing or being part of the production team -- send an e-mail to Chris Raboin at


Since the project begins on Valentine's Day, we are inclined to make our film a Love Story sexual want, deception, infidelity, intense distrust, jealousy, and  hatred, and possibly some top quality make up sex -- that is, a traditional boy meets girl kind of story.    But we won't make our final decision until we hear from Management regarding theme and all of that.


Since we won't have a script until Friday, it is open casting.  In the past we have won awards for best cinematography, best actress, and best acting ensemble.  We will be shooting with a Canon C-100, Canon L Series Lenses, ArrilLights, Seinhauser microphones and other professional quality equipment.  All writers will be provided with top quality No. 2 pencils.


If you would like to be a part of it, send an e-mail to Chris Raboin at




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