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Common Ground on the Border, March 13-15

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Common Ground on the Border



ZUZI! Executive Artistic Director, Nanette Robinson, is teaching out in the community. Come join her for a special moving experience in Sahuarita.


Common Ground on the Border is a three-day event, featuring classes in art, music and a variety of lectures. The US-Mexico Borderlands have always been a beautiful mix of culture, language, cuisine, economies and people. It has also been a place of struggle, high and low temperatures, a fragile environment, and the push and pull of immigration. Common Ground on the Border is a unique gathering where the deep artistic and cultural roots of the Borderlands are lifted up and conversation is created that bring us across borders and move us to common ground.

Common Ground on the Border is presented in cooperation and partnership with Common Ground on the Hill. For the past 19 years "Common Ground on the Hill" has gathered in Westminister, Maryland, and other locations as a multicultural community of musicians, artists, writers, lecturers, actors, and dancers, sharing skills with students of all ages and with one another. In this way, we believe that we all can improve ourselves, our communities and our world as we meet, share and celebrate our arts and cultures on "common ground."


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