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Red Barn Theater presents Hey Good Lookin' and Wizard of Oz


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Red Barn Theater

948 N. Main

Tucson, Az  85705

520 622-6973

"Hey, Good Lookin'! Musical Revue" featuring western, country and folk music, fancy lasso performance, sing-a-longs, stories and jokes, performs Saturday, Feb. 22 at noon, at the Red Barn Theater, 948 N. Main Ave. Tickets: $5. 520 622-6973.

"The Wizard of Oz - A Musical"- Dorothy and Toto flee a furious Miss Gully right into a tornado that whisks them to a land of little people, flying monkeys, a scary witch, a tricky wizard and new friends.  Performing at the Red Barn Theater, 948 N. Main, Feb. 20, 21, 22 and Feb. 27, 28 and Mar. 1 at 7pm; and Feb. 23 and Mar. 2 at  2pm.

 $8-child, $10-teen or senior, $12-adult. 622-6973 or



Sweet and stubborn, Dorothy and Toto find trouble wherever they go and now mean ol' Miss Gully has a court order decreeing that "Toto must be destroyed!"


In a panic, Dorothy makes a rash decision to run away -- right into a tornado that rips through the theater and whisks Dorothy to a strange land of singing little people, bratty flying Monkeys, monsters in dark and dangerous forests, a tricky Wizard, naive Emerald Citizens, and a furious witch who wants those ruby slippers more than ANYTHING! Dorothy's new friends, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, do their bumbling best to protect her on her quest for Home Sweet Home.


This witty new play by Jeannette Jaquish, former Tucsonan of 20 years, has performed around the world and comes to Tucson for the first time. Over 25 Tucsonans age 6 to 66 perform. Come see this enhanced familiar story with exquisite music performed up close.



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