Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Casting Call, Feature Film "Date of the Dead"


Casting Feature Film "Date of the Dead" - Double Bastard Films 
[Independent Feature Film] 

Double Bastard Films and Director, Charles Grant Nelson ("Date of the Dead" the short, "The Vampires of Last Christmas," & "Stasis"), are casting for "Date of the Dead," a feature length horror/comedy anthology which creates a unique take on different horror genres. Kyle is your average high school loner, pining after the head cheerleader, Mel, which he can never get. When the cheerleaders publicly humiliate him, Kyle grows into something monstrous….a man whore. Pent on revenge, will Kyle complete his revenge of sleeping with all the cheerleaders, or will he see the change in Mel before it’s too late? 

Kyle - Male, 18 years old Shy loner that becomes good with girls. Attractive. Decent shape. (Lead) 
Mel - Female, 18. Cheerleader. Mean girl that later matures. Attractive. Strong. Independent. (Lead). 
Lisa - Female, 18. Cheerleader. Little butch. Meat head. Attractive. Must be funny. Will be showed bending over in cheer outfit. (Supporting) 
Danielle - Female,18. Cheerleader. Bossy. Leader. Attractive. Must be funny. (Supporting) 
Daisy - Female, 18. Cheerleader. Class clown type. Attractive. Must be funny. Will have bag over face for asphyxiation role play. (Supporting) 
Heather - Female, 18. Cheerleader. Attractive. Should be funny. Has topless scene. (Featured) 
Kate - Female, 18. Cheerleader. Bubbly girl. Personality counters her meanness. Little ditsy. Attractive. Should be funny. (Featured) 
Rachial - Female, 18. Cheerleader. Gothic type. Very quite. Attractive. Should be funny. (Featured) 
Naomi - Female, 18. Cheerleader. Attractive. Should be funny. (Featured) 
John - Male, 18. Cheerleader. Super over the top gay man. Attractive a plus. Must be funny. -Featured. 
Sarah - Female, 16 to 18. Cheerleader. Super nice and energetic. Gullible. Victim. Attractive. Must have an innocent look. Should be funny. -(Featured 

Audition date and times: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm - OPEN CALL! 

Audition address: 
533 North 4th Avenue 
Tucson, AZ 85705 

For an Audition Appointment or more info, please email a headshot and resume to: 


Shoot location: Tucson 
Shoot schedule: begining he Spring of 2014 

Pay: Non-union, credit/copy/meals
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