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Casting Call TONIGHT: Almost Famous Film Festival - Nine Buddhas Pictures


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This weekend, Nine Buddhas Pictures, is participating in the Almost Famous 48 Hour Shoot Out.


Right now our lead concept is an Old People Romantic Comedy. 


We will meet Friday night at 6 PM to 9 PM at CoLab (formerly Gangplank)  to discuss story ideas.  Almost Famous Management will give out the theme, dialogue and prop at 7 PM.  We can either develop the Old People Romantic Comedy or develop another an idea that better fits the theme.  As always we will vote for the best script concept -- but I will be the one to count the votes.


We shoot on Saturday.  We edit on Sunday.  We have to turn in by 7:00 PM Sunday Night.


This is the first time we are shooting with our C-100.  So we should have top notch image quality and top notch sound.


The Romantic Comedy casts a wide net for actors: actual old people,  mature but not old people that can be made to look old, younger adults that can be nurses, physical therapists, and administrators, and 18 to 20's who can be grandchildren couples.


Tentatively the dramatic issue is whether the old male protagonist is cheating on the old female protagonist.  He is rather smug and enjoys her accusations because it makes him look accomplished.  She is crazily paranoid and goes from seeing him in affairs with older patients to seeing affairs with young nurses and even a comatose patient.  In the end, he pledges his exclusive affection to her alone. [A true romance.]


Possible characters include a a young couple -- one being the grandmother's grandchildren.  The grandchildren are born again Christians who are promoting abstinence -- while their grandmother is promoting squeezing the last drop of life out of the stone.


A black male body body builder who is a physical therapist.  All of the old woman are hot for him but he turns out to be gay.  They joke is about first not being able to have a younger man, then not being able to have black man, and then not being able to have him because he is gay.


One older character repeatedly tries to escape the home and won't give up his or her car keys and repeated runs an old car into things.


One woman who wears depends adult undergarments is constantly trying to figure out if the depends are flattering on her -- and the humor develops out of a comparison of depends and thongs.


One character thinks he is Tony Soprano and he goes around the home will a pillow in hand looking for Livia.


One character is a parody of Jack N. in One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest.  Jack wouldn't put up with this sort of bull.


One older male character likes to roam the halls practically naked (possibly only wearing his cowboy hat and gun belt).


One character is hard of hearing with appropriate deprecating humor.


Two character's like to race the indoor scooters -- or walkers.


One character likes to switch around the pills in the boxes that organize pills by days of the week.


Parodies of Memento for a patient with a memory disorder.  


I think this concept has a  lot of potential.  (If you have not already signed on) let me know if you are interested.


Chris Raboin

Nine Buddhas Pictures


CoLab 17 East Pennington (Stone and Pennington) Tucson 6PM till 9PM Friday



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