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Casting Call: You Are Beautiful, a film that will be shot of the collected wisdom


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Subject: You Are Beautiful (Casting Call)


CoLab is sponsoring a Brown Bag Lunch called Words Define You on Friday, February 14, 2014 at CoLab, 17 E. Pennington, Downtown Tucson.  See details below.


Since the event will be on Valentine's Day, part of the event will be developing a list of unique metaphors to use to tell the one you love that you think they are beautiful.  It is like open source group poetry.  Since you're loved one won't be at this event, if you attend, you can go home Friday night loaded for bear (at least poetically speaking).


CoLab is looking for actors (both male and female ) to present individual words during the seminar and to present individual "you are beautiful" metaphors for a film that will be shot of the collected wisdom.


If you would like to present a word or metaphor on Friday, February 14 we will be filming from 10 AM to 2 PM at CoLab, 17 E. Pennington.  Send an e-mail, headshot and or resume to Chris Raboin,  


The general announcement for the seminar follows:


Each day, regardless of whether you are the mayor of the city or a high school student, you make thousands of decisions regarding the words you use to express yourself.


Grandfather deceased.  Grandpa died.  The old man dropped.    


The decisions you make -- the words you use -- define who you are.  


Safe and unremarkable. Strong and bold. One standard deviation from mainstream.


You can't opt out.  You might as well put your game face on and play to win.


CoLab's first Brown Bag Lunch will go down at CoLab World Headquarters, 17 East Pennington, on Friday, February 14, 2014 from Noon to 1 PM.


The subject will be -- Words Define You.   In the 60 minutes allotted, we will provide definitive answers to the following:


1.  Does Lady Gaga know that the word gaga is derived from the early 20th century French hospital slang word - gâteur - meaning bed-wetter?


2.  Is very beautiful more beautiful or less beautiful than beautiful?


3.  Four score and seven or 87?


4.  Should you stop using certain obscenities if, through over usage, they are no longer offensive?


5.  How does Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, Noam Chomsky, believe that your brain sizes up compared to the brains of other monkeys? 


6.  Will leading with nouns and verbs earn you the respect of your elders? 


7.  Should McDonalds be allowed to sell medium french fries when it claims not to sell small french fries?


8. Does your mother know that you eschew surplusage?  Or when should you use words that the other kids may not know?


9.  Where do you find words that work?


10. If doing something half ass means to do it poorly, should you always be striving to do everything full ass?  Or should you avoid using metaphors that you don't understand?


If you are a scholarly type or a word freak and want to present a word or at Words Define You -- send an email to Chris Raboin  


If you just want to listen -- all you have to do is show up.   


We hope to see you there.



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