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Casting Call, 3 more roles for Western Feature Film "MISFORTUNE"


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THADDEUS 20s – 40s


Local, small town mechanic. He's friendly, but quiet unless spoken to. Not too much business trickles in and out of this establishment, so he's got a bit of time on his hands. And some times those hands might be thumbing through a nudie mag or stuffing his face full of a sloppy sandwich, as he sits back on his more than ten year old, ready to fall apart at any minute, beat up, ancient swivel chair. He's harmless, and not too much of an intellectual, but he has a charm and is pretty well versed with a wrench and one of those hard to understand auto fixes. His dad taught him everything he knows and the town folk all love him, especially when they have car troubles.  He and the Sheriff are pretty good chums and is usually invited on weekends to the Sheriff's house for a beer and a rundown of the local gossip around town. 


SANI 50s-70s Navajo


Sani runs the general store along the interstate highway.  He's got it all; need a flashlight? No problem; A neck pillow? He's a very wise man. He has a large family and once in a while his seven-year-old grand daughter might be scurrying around, helping him sweep the outer perimeters of the establishment. He loves his family and they love him back. He's very protective and has been a part of all the major changes in town. He even has a seat on the local board council meetings. Sani likes to see growth and has a very enthusiastic attitude. Though, if you never met him, and saw him from a distance, you'd probably be a little in fear of him. He has that look that has a million stories written all over it. Stories that make you think, what a boring life I've had.


JANET 30s-60s


She's one of the head postal clerks.  She can get a little irascible now and then… usually now.  Patience isn't quite her strong suit, but behind that crabbiness is actually quite a pleasant women. She's just had it hard growing up. Who hasn't? No, she really has had it tough, one of those upbringings where she has had to support the parents, not the other way around. Was on the payroll before she was even picking up a crayon. Work is her middle name. And it's probably why she doesn't like dealing with a lot of B.S. or any of it for that matter. She likes you to respect her, because when she's in her work environment, that's her domain, her church, her sacred place of worship. If idleness is the devil's workshop, then the post office is the Lord's.




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Shoot locations: Tucson, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. 
Shoot schedule: begin April 18th thru May 9th, 2014 

Pay: $100 per daily (SAG Ultra Low-Budget rate), plus credit and meals 


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When Roman Whitlock urgently phones his son Boyd to meet him at a designated spot, Boyd shows up late on arrival with Roman nowhere to be found. The result is a fatally ending chase over a stolen bag of very expensive diamonds. This, initiated by Roman's long time partner in business, Mallick Ulrich.  Seven years after Roman's death and Mallick's release from prison, an inevitable brush between Boyd and Mallick forces a new pursuit, calling Boyd back to that fateful evening's rendezvous spot. The spot may lead to the diamonds. The diamonds may lead to Boyd's life spared by Mallick. Or maybe the search will lead Boyd to an even greater journey than he could ever imagine; one accompanied with the help of his live-in girlfriend Sloan and closest friend Russell. The Sonoran Desert is the perfect place to claim a lost treasure, a life or two, or maybe gain nothing more than a severely unforgettable lesson in greed and betrayal.  


[SLOAN RAMIREZ] In her 20's, Latina (that means - not white, at least not Drew Barrymore white) If you got even a little of that Mestizo or Spanish in your DNA, submit away! Sloan's fiery, athletic and fun spirited, knows what she wants. She can be your best friend if you need that, a passionate lover or an intrepid adventurer, but don't get on her bad list. You'll regret it. And she'll make sure of that. She is Boyd's lady and loyal to the bitter end. Not a fan of Boyd's best friend and vies for control over the relationship as she sees it a hindrance to her American dreams. Hardworking, her diner 9-5, 5-9 gig doesn't cut it. Not even close. What and how can she get Boyd and his out of work status to do what is necessary to climb out of the mediocre lower economic class they sit in and ultimately move them to a place of greater luxury? ... LEAD


[MALLICK ULRICH] In his 50's, tough, grizzled, Sons of Anarchy looking, mean streaky, Lance Henriksen, Rutger Hauer, Robert Patrick, Don't F with him, unless you want life ending trouble. Yet charming, Mallick can turn a phrase, can woo the women and be a great guy to throw back a shot of whisky and chase it with seven beers. He's got some stories to tell. Evading the law kind of stories. Stories that he might have to kill you if he tells you, stories. Mallick feels betrayed, yet in some people's opinion he's as deceitful as they come. He did his time though. And fresh out of a 7 year prison bid, he's all ''rehabilitated'' and ready to cause havoc yesterday. Those diamonds are on his mind, and something tells me, he's been waiting those seven years to get his hands on them... LEAD


[ALVAREZ] In his 30's, Mexican-American, Witty, funny, shrewd, a touch cynical and carefully spoken. Did I mention he's a drug dealer? In fact, he's simply a dealer and buyer in all things contraband. Knows his trade. He's a hired gun. A mercenary that shuttles whatever it is Octavio, the wanted Czar Alvarez works for, asks of him. It is in fact a very profitable position he holds. Alvarez's as well as Octavio's. Commission is King. And screw-ups are met with a machete blade to the throat, meaning Alvarez if he muddles his work and you if you mess with Alvarez. With a glock living comfortably on his hip, he's the wild cowboy that's a phone call away if you got the goods... or want them.... SUPPORTING ROLE


[OCTAVIO] In his early 40's, Mexican Mafia, and proud to show it. He's branched off now though. Left the syndicate and paired down his overhead. Works out of a ramshackle tenement in the Arizonian barrio. You'll never find him, but if he finds you, lights out. Not the typical person you want to do business with. Be ready to die to make a deal. Chances are you won't make the deal. It's kind of like a kill or be killed predicament. Anyway, back to Octavio -  This guy has seen and done it all... with a hacksaw. He's got a henchman or two. This is the real Tony Montana, without the theatrics. A steady gait. A hawk eye. And a couple of burners tucked into his waistline. He runs the whole show, run you out of town, runs the block and runs your soul too if it's a bad day, or a decent one too. Grim reaper with a taste for the sardonic... SUPPORTING ROLE


[JIM] In his 60's. A mentor. A Godfather. A chaperon. Trustworthy. A confidante and 12 other synonyms that can say he's a stand up guy. A Robert Duvall type, Tom Hagen - like.  Figure an image of William Burroughs sitting in a Norman Rockwell painting. Jim looks after Boyd like his own blood. A life promise to Boyd's father, who lays six feet under. Jim is one of those guys that shows you the world in a three minute anecdote. He's devoid of any vices. Maybe he'll have a scotch to take the edge off, but that's about it. No wife or female companion to speak of. Is he lonely? Perhaps. But he reads and stays focused. Very monastic life. In another incarnation, he probably could have been a man of the cloth. But in this one, in between his scholarly observances, he investigates, sometimes for pay... SUPPORTING ROLE


[ANNABETH WHITLOCK] In her early 50's. Still has it. Jessica Lange-ish. That spirit of a twenty-year-old. Well... she kind of messed up. Got involved with Mallick and betrayed her nuptials. She has her reasons, but the guilt can't find a convenient escape. She is wracked with it, but more importantly, created with her infidelity, was an even greater conflict between Mallick and soon to be in crossfire gun fight, husband of thirty years, Roman. One, can never turn back now, deed. One desperate last phone call. That's what was and is on her schedule today. Can she fix the broken damage or is it even worth talking about? I think it's worth talking about... especially when people's lives are at stake... SUPPORTING ROLE


[ROMAN WHITLOCK] In his 60's. Caucasian, which always sounds weird. Lets just say white. Sam Shepard like. Bill Paxton-ish, kind of. An old soul. John Wayne without the bravado. Honest to the bone. Too honest. A crusader. Did a little coyote work in his younger years for the immigrants. Now he endeavors to pull off this successful jewelry heist turned bad by one small hitch. Isn't there always one small hitch? He wouldn't have turned to such a desperate and criminal activity of armed robbery were it not a last resort. He is proof that survival doesn't alway lead you into the hands of good and righteous. A man he is though who will die for his morals. And does :-)  Roman should have a bit of swagger. Not pretentious, but cool. Like Paul Newman/Robert Mitchum cool. Subtle. Sex appeal. Edgy. Marlboro Man type. But defeated Marlboro man. Marlboro Man with an ulcer... LEAD


[ROD] How can we forget Rod? Rod, in his 50's. Maybe late 40's. Who can tell? Life has been rough for him. Not tragically rough, but hard years of raw, blue collar labor can do that to you. Sage like in his appeal, Rod is Boyd's car mechanic boss. This of course, before the economic downturn tornado hits their jurisdiction and causes Rod to shut down the biz. With Boyd out of a job and Rod now having to pack and ship elsewhere with his animated wife, of whom is the brunt of many of his afternoon storytellings, Rod says a final goodbye to Boyd and sends him off in good spirits. Rod should be funny. Like John Candy funny. Large weight not a requirement, but welcomed. Rod is hearty. And if not embodied in the physical, actor has to have a least a personality to have that come through, heartiness, that is. In thinner form that could be like a younger Martin Landau or Jack Palance. Soulful. Or on the larger physical embodiment, Rick Dial from Slingblade. That guy's an awesome example.... SUPPORTING ROLE  



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