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Auditions - Arizona Onstage Productions - LES MISERABLES


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Subject: Auditions - Arizona Onstage Productions - LES MISERABLES


Arizona Onstage Productions will be producing the musical LES MISERABLES the first two weekends of August, 2014 - on the Main Stage of The Temple of Music and Art. We will be having our first of two sets of auditions Sunday, March 2nd from 10am to 4pm at The Temple of Music and Art.


This is NOT the student edition.  This is the full Broadway edition.  There are 38 roles in this show.  All roles are paid.  We are only casting 3 children.  The roles of young Cosette and Gavroche will be the only two roles double cast. 

AUDITIONS - please send the following information to:

Resume and head shot (or photo)

Role(s) of interest

YES or NO on taking an ensemble position if you are auditioning for a featured role
Please indicate if you need an a.m. or p.m. slot. We will try to accomodate you, but can't promise a specific time.

If you are auditioning for chorus/ensemble - please bring 32 bars of something Broadway that showcases everything you have to give. If you are auditioning for a featured role, please make sure that you are prepared to sing the requested material for that role.


PLEASE NOTE:  The following roles have already been cast:

Jean Valjean, Fantine, Javert, The Thenardiers


ENSEMBLE - this is one of the best ensemble shows ever written.  Soldiers, whores, pimps, thugs; what more could you want?

FEATURED ROLES and required audition material -

Cosette - Vocal range:  B flat below middle C to High 2 octaves above middle C

Audition material: In My Life and the ending of A Heart Full of Love Reprise


Eponine - Vocal range:  F sharp below middle C to E

Audition material:  On My Own

Little Cosette - vocal range:  A below middle C to C

Audition material:  Castle On a Cloud - with NO vibrato.  None at ALL. 

Marius - vocal range:  low A to a high A flat

Audition material:  Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

Enjolras - vocal range:  Tenor to high baritone - A to G above middle C

Audition material:  be ready for Do You Hear the People Sing and Red and Black

Gavroche - vocal range:  B below middle C to G

Audition material:  His solo part in Look Down

Bishop of Digne - vocal range: low A to high E

Audition material:  The Bishop's part in the show

ENSEMBLE - again, so many parts - the ABC Society, Factory Girls, Old Woman, Little Eponine, whores, specific soldiers, etc

SHEET MUSIC - everything is in original keys.  If you do not have access, please find your section here:




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