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Act 1 Academy AUDITION: teens for new musical


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Subject: AUDITION: teens for new musical



A new musical


Seeking 14 TEENS between the ages of 12-18, who sing, dance, act, for workshop of a new musical.

Though this is set in a "kingdom" the language and humor is 21st century. 


Those selected will work with professional coaches and staff from NYC and LA, 

and Broadway performer, director Cheryl-Ann Rossi. 


Placement by audition only. Experience is great but not necessary. 

*The Dragon is A RAPPER, hip hop dancer.  All other parts sing and dance in traditional musical theater styles.



Production set for June 20-21 at The Berger Performing Arts Center.



Mar. 29th noon- 4pm 

April 5th noon-4pm


For audition appt call  520-477-8377 or





Hazzah! The kingdom is buzzing with excitement as everyone prepares for 


the wedding of the lovely princess Melanai. When the princess disappears


into the Dark Forest, three brave knights are chosen to face the dragon 


and return the princess. To find the Dragons lair the knights must solve the 


riddles hidden in the forest and discover the secret of the dragon’s door. But 


things, and people, are not always what they seem. The journey to the Dragon’s 


lair is fraught with temptation and truth…intellect and illusion…sarcasm, 


silliness….and secrets.


To the Dragon, it’s all a game.


The impatient Sir Ryan waits for his chance to save his best friend, the 


princess. He may not be the strongest or the bravest or the smartest knight, 


but Ryan has the one thing the other knights do not…and he is keeping it 


secret…for now.



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