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Etcetera presents ADAPT: An evening of original adaptations


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Etcetera presents the World Première of . . .


An evening of original adaptations

Created, Directed, & Performed by The Ensemble

ADAPT Ensemble:

Catherine Cosentino, Andrea Head, Keyanna Khatiblou, Heather Meza, Simon Ridley

April 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, & 19

Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30 PM

Sunday, April 6 at 7:30 PM

Tickets $10 at the door • 327.4242 for tickets

Live Theatre Workshop • 5317 E Speedway Blvd.


How To Get a Man, based off of the 1940's comic book Complete Love

by Catherine Cosentino

To Destroy, adapted from The Myth of Persephone

by Keyanna Khatiblou

I Said Yes, based on the urban myth of the Slitted Mouth Woman

by Heather Meza

The Rigging, inspired by the poem "Garments" by Kahlil Gibran

and the painting The Ship by Salvador Dali

by Andrea Head

Weighted Words, adapted from the poem “In Vain” by Emily Dickinson

by Simon Ridley



In this episode of How To Get A Man: Danny and Kitty were invited to a Be-Bop at school by two jiving cats, Jonathan and Jeremy. The only problem is that Kitty isn't up to date on the proper etiquette of dating and Danny seems to be a little dated in her views. Will Kitty become a proper doll or will she give up on love forever?

Heather Meza as Danny Con

Andrea Head as Kitty Merrywether

Simon Ridley as Announcer

Each performance of To Destroy will feature a different actor playing Persephone. Accompanied by an ensemble of shades, or spirits, of the Underworld, Persephone reenacts the story of her first encounter with Hades and the Kingdom of the Dead.

Featuring the full ensemble

There are some who see beauty notwithstanding her garments and some who recognize ugliness beyond his facade. This piece suggests this truth and asks the questions “what lies within our skin?” and “what can a relationship can endure without The Rigging?”

Simon Ridley as Man

  Catherine Cosentino as Woman

I Said Yes takes place with an interview in the children's ward of Bernard's Hospital. A girl, Mary Caldwell, is missing, and a young patient who cannot speak and communicates only through sign language was last seen with her.

Catherine Cosentino as Girl

Keyanna Khatiblou as Nurse

Heather Meza as Slitted Mouth Woman

Weighted Words is a series of short, silent vignettes following a family who decorates for the holidays and other major events. It is an examination of the way change, both good and bad, is reconciled with tradition.

Simon Ridley as Father

Heather Meza as Mother

Keyanna Khatiblou as Eldest Daughter

Andrea Head as Youngest Daughter


Catherine Cosentino is a junior at the University of Arizona and is excited to be working on this production of adaptations. Her most recent credits include Etcetera’s SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE and the University of Arizona’s FLATLAND and THIS IS OUR YOUTH. Catherine would like to thank her friends and family for all of their support throughout the years.

Andrea Head is a Junior at the University of Arizona majoring in BA Theatre Arts. She is currently collaborating with other actors in Etcetera’s SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE. Other recent credits include the devised piece FLATLAND and THE ARSONISTS with the University of Arizona Studio Series. She's happy to have spent so much time this year collaborating with the people closest to her, before some of them graduate, and is thankful for the opportunity and support.

Keyanna Khatiblou will graduate this May from the University of Arizona with a BA in Theatre Arts and Creative Writing. She has appeared at Etcetera as the project director and actor/collaborator in SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE and Flaminia in IMPROVISO! Other credits include MEDEA REDUX, OUROBOROS, VINEGAR TOM, and the original SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE with the University of Arizona Studio Series.

Heather Meza is a junior at the University of Arizona studying Theatre and Business. She is thrilled to be working with her good friends on ADAPT. Heather was seen in THREE ONE ACTS BY ANTON CHEKHOV as Popova from THE BEAR, Mara from FLATLAND, actor/collaborator for OUROBOROS, and actor/collaborator for SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE.

Simon Ridley is a junior at the University of Arizona. He's excited to be working on ADAPT with some of his best friends and a couple of his favorite acquaintances. Some of Simon's past credits include Benedict in IMAGINARY, Eisenring in THE ARSONISTS, Actor/Collaborator for SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE, Head Writer/Assistant Director of FLATLAND, and Nyukhin in THE DANGERS OF TOBACCO.

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