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This weekend -- 23rd Annual New Play Festival - Old Pueblo Playwrights


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This weekend!


Old Pueblo Playwrights'

23rd Annual New Play Festival

April  4 – 6,  2014

Temple of Music & Art, Cabaret Theater, 330 S. Scott Avenue


Performances times:  7:30pm on Fri 4 April & Sat 5 April, and

2:00pm on Sun 6 April


Tickets:  $7.00 per performance or $12.00 for a Festival Pass

Questions:  John (520) 548-3484 or e-mail

find us on facebook:  Old Pueblo Playwrights



Full line-up of plays: 

** Friday 4 April * 7:30 pm **

The Merrimakers by Sydney Flynn, directed by Vince Flynn

Three singers—friends since college—hear a secret that brings disharmony to their trio, perhaps forever.


Paying the Piper by Brian Armstrong, directed by Vince Flynn

A short play that sets out to recapture the dark, twisted spirit of the original Grimm fairy tale.


Soldier Boy by Leslie Powell, directed by Dave Sewell

A troubled soldier and a woman are trapped in a remote cabin.  Will she survive?  Will he?


Le Jardin Noir by Brian Armstrong, directed by Dlyn Parra

This abstract one-act explores a strange landscape of love, loss, fear, and pain through imagery,

movement, and metaphor.  Nothing is quite what it seems.


** Saturday 5 April * 7:30 pm  **

Wars of the Flesh: Three wayward love stories  by Germaine Shames, directed by Esther Almazan

Rescue Mission  A divorced middle-aged academic journeys to the wilds of Uganda to win back a

childhood sweetheart—but she's more interested in apes than men.

Counter-Indications of Trance on the Male Libido  Eavesdrop on a session of hypnotherapy-turned-

seduction as patient and practitioner escape to the carnal Eden of their subconscious minds.

End Products  A dying philosopher and his young wife complete their life's work amid a barrage of

clashing ideals and dismembered cats.


But Boss, You Said I Had to Wear a Bra by Pam Burris, directed by Vince Flynn

Hadley and Nico show their own style in obeying Corporate Dress Code.

Dada's Home by Ron Pullins, directed by Renata Rauschen

He hangs his hat on a hook that isn't there.  Every day.  He drinks a martini.  Every day.  She

complains about it.  Every day.  A short, absurd comedy.


** Sunday 6 April * 2:00 pm  **

Level Up by Hilary Lyons, directed by Ken Beider

Ian is an intelligent and creative teenager with ADHD. He compulsively plays computer games to cope,

but this disconnection leads to blurred lines between fantasy and reality.


Patty's Perfect Party by Kelly J Hardesty, directed by John Vornholt

Patty has never been wildly popular, but now she's out to change her lonely ways—by throwing the

best New Year's Eve party ever!   What could possibly go wrong?




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