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Puppets Amongus is pleased to host REVIVE



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Subject: Dance, poetry & puppets on 4/3, 4/4, & 4/5!




Puppets Amongus is pleased to host:

A collaborative exploration into the
art of ease, joy and creative pleasure,
by Coley Curry and Becky Renfrow.

Thursday 4/3, Friday 4/4

& Saturday 4/5

7 pm



*Discounted admission available with the gift of a quality chocolate bar at the door. (Discount equivalent to the value of the chocolate bar.)  



The product, like the process, is a boundless venture into playful expression and expansive possibility through dance, words, and inspiring objects. 

Creative movement meets imaginative words. Typewriters, telephones and dictionaries. Poetry, puppetry, participation and improvisation. 

Join us for an interactive creative experience and feel good! 


About Coley:

I'm a mover, and by that I mean I'm a dancer and I have been frequently changing geographic locations. Since coming to Tucson at the beginning of this year I have been teaching at Breakout Studios and performing with Artifact Dance Project. 

And of course loving my collaborative time with Becky. I'm always interested in exploring new spaces in dance and finding ways to cut it up and collage it into something new. 

See Coley's Choreography here: 


About Becky

I grew up on little stages reciting scripted theater. As my age advanced and my creativity expanded, I sought out more spacious venues and more flexible art forms. I studied improvisational creative movement, political street theater, then circus and variety arts. These days I mostly work with with The WonderFools and Cirque Roots Productions. I feed on laughter, so comedy is in my guts. I believe deeply in the power of creativity and community to heal and generate greater joy in the world. This project is an embodiment of that high hope. 



See Becky's Foolishness here:




This performance is appropriate for all ages although is not specifically a children's show.

Puppets Amongus is pleased to invite you to REVIVE at:

The Playhouse
657 W. St. Mary's Rd.
(View Map)
Near Downtown, between Granada and I-10 on the south side of the street, across from Davis Elementary.

There is now a public parking lot just W of Granada on the N side of St. Mary's. When you walk out of the parking lot, turn right and walk W a 1/2 block until you get to the pedestrian crosswalk outside Davis Elementary School. Use the crosswalk to cross the street, heading towards EcoGro plant nursery. Head left into the complex, following signs for the puppet show. There is also a dirt lot just W of Ecogro, for overflow parking.

Cash and check only, please. All tickets are sold at the door, first come, first serve. Doors open 30 minutes before the show.

there are puppets among us!

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hand-crafted storytelling to people of all ages. We perform at birthdays, schools, festivals and events
of all kinds.

Give your child the Birthday Party they will never forget,
with Puppets Amongus!



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